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Yes, there are many rules and laws about child labor. There Federal Laws set as minimum requirements and many states have stricter laws.

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Q: Are there any rules or laws about child labor?
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Does china have any child labor laws?

Yes, but they're poorly enforced.

Where Can 14 Year Old Kids Work In Danville Kentucky And Is There Any Rules That You Have To Follow i.e Child Labor Laws or something like that?

sonic on main street

What is the labor law concerning overtime in California?

California does not have any different federal labor laws when it comes to overtime rules. Employers must follow the same rules and regulations that other states do.

Is there any jobs in Aberdeen Maryland for a 12 year old?

Most likely not because of child labor laws.

Did Charles Dickens have any influence on the laws that support child labor during the 1800's?

Charles Dickens used his talent as a writer to bring attention to the horrors of child labor from his novel, 'Oliver Twist.'. He was not alone, several groups of advocates relentlessly lobbied for child labor laws. However, Dickens was one of most well known and popular celebrities of his day, and lending his voice certainly helped to bring about child labor and protection laws.

What happens when a teen would break the Texas Labor Law?

Labor law's general purpose is to protect the employee. Employers break child labor laws not employees. Report any labor law violations to your state's Department of labor.

Does Spain have any child labor?


Is their any child labor in Iceland?


Are there any jobs for 14 year olds that have to do with food?

No. Child labor laws prevents an employer from hiring anyone under 16.

Fast-food labor laws Indian acts?

That I know of there is no provision for "Labor Laws" in any "Indian Act."

Are their any places with child labor?

Yup, many places, the major countries with child labor are China and India.

Did the thirteen colonies have any rules or laws?


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