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Are there any rules or laws about child labor?


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Yes, there are many rules and laws about child labor. There Federal Laws set as minimum requirements and many states have stricter laws.


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Yes, but they're poorly enforced.

California does not have any different federal labor laws when it comes to overtime rules. Employers must follow the same rules and regulations that other states do.

Charles Dickens used his talent as a writer to bring attention to the horrors of child labor from his novel, 'Oliver Twist.'. He was not alone, several groups of advocates relentlessly lobbied for child labor laws. However, Dickens was one of most well known and popular celebrities of his day, and lending his voice certainly helped to bring about child labor and protection laws.

Most likely not because of child labor laws.

Labor law's general purpose is to protect the employee. Employers break child labor laws not employees. Report any labor law violations to your state's Department of labor.

No. Child labor laws prevents an employer from hiring anyone under 16.

That I know of there is no provision for "Labor Laws" in any "Indian Act."

Yup, many places, the major countries with child labor are China and India.

To report violations of child labor laws, contact the Labor or child labor department for the state in which the violations occurred. You can also report any abuse to a local police official.

Yes, the bestwould be either a fair trade organization or the best anti child labor group would be child labor coalition found

There are no rules about the length of the dress and though we used to say "no white" after Labor day, even this no longer applies.

Yes , of course would you like your kid (if you have any) working In a factor that a adult can also can get several injured.

No, child labor laws prevent you from operating any machinery until you are 16 in New York state.

the rules were made by the government and the emporer. remind you of any other country???

If you wish to create a trust for a special needs child you must speak with an attorney who specializes in special needs law. Any assets the child has or may acquire would make them ineligible for any government financial assistance. Only an expert can draft a trust that meets all the requirements of state laws and federal tax laws.

He strongly opposed to Labor Unions and did not allow any creation of a Labor Union in his factory. Website found (

You used to be able to work almost any where at fourteen. but they have now changed child labor laws and now you can only work a real job at sixteen. sorry im 14 to i know how it feels!

it is very bad to have child labours they have to study they do not have to work in any places as a child i want to say this

I do not know of any specific rules or laws by the state or Georgia. You may want to contact your insurance company and see if they have any rules or suggestions.

NO, sry bout that but the child labor laws prevent any person under the age of 15 to get a job in any state. Unless you get a job at a family owned business

There are laws that prohibit child abuse or any mistreatment towards any child. However, the government cannot directly protect children.

depends on the state laws but you have visitation rights no matter if you pay support or not...check your laws

A child must follow the rules and regulations everywhere it may be a school or any other place.

Not any longer ! In Victorian times and maybe Edwardian there was child labour but it is long gone now.

If child dies, does his spouse have any legal claim with in-laws home?

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