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It all depends on the year, and make of the vehicle, anything 1995 or newer can be reset by simply disconnecting the battery for about 15 minutes, if that does not work on chevys there is an inexpensive sensor that can be replaced located behind the kick panel of the passenger side. But I don't know of a universal fix all.

What kind of vehicle do you have, motor size etc.

It does depend on the vehicle but I am having the same problem with my '92 chev K1500 and have been told that there is a switch on the transfer case that activates an actuator on the front differential it may be one of those things or both

If it is an older style truck it is probably the cylanoid. that's what mine was anyways

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Q: Are there any sensors for your 4 wheel drive on the tranny that stop it from engaging?
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How do you engaging the 4 wheel drive on a 94 explorer?

If you have locking hubs, set them to lock position, put tranny in neatral,, then push 4X4 button on dash then back into drive,, and away ya go,,,,,

Is the 2000 Chrysler 300m front wheel drive?

no its not Yes is is front wheel drive with an autostick tranny

Does engaging your 4 wheel drive decrease gas mileage?


How do you get a 78 4 whell drive into 2 wheal drive?

you have to get a tranny from a two wheel drive and drive shaft. remove everything to do with four wheel drive and hook up the new tranny crossmembere and drive shaft then it will work. if you want to do the front end good luck

1997 GMC sierra four wheel drive not engaging?

I have a 1997 GMC 1500 4 Wheel Drive. When engaging 4 wheel drive there is a popping noise (different than and in addition to the normal sound of it engaging) and it does not always engage. Then it will even have a popping noise once engaged. Any ideas? Thank you for your input. Stan

Is there a tranny dipstick on a Ford 2003?

is there a tranny dipstick on a 2003 ford explorer 2 wheel drive or an idiot light?

What is the Best way to tow a front wheel drive car?

front cause the tranny drive the steer axle

1997 Ford f-250 4 wheel drive not engaging?

The 4 wheel drive is not engaging on your 1997 Ford F-250 because you have a bad actuator if it is a push button. If it is not a push button, it could be a bad hub or linkage.

2001 S10 2 wheel drive front rotors have sensors?

The front wheels have abs sensors if applicable. The sensors would be mounted to the spindles not the rotors.

Do you have to make a compete stop before engaging 4 wheel drive in a 1984 Jeep Cherokee?

Yes you do.

2003 dodge ram 4 wheel drive is not engaging?

Check the vaccum lines to the transfer case

What electronically would stop the 4 wheel drive from engaging on your 1989 sr5 v6?

The hub actuaters

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