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Are there any sharks in the River Nile?

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Michael connolly I'm 9yes there are goblin,greatwhite,blacktip,tiger,basking and sand sharks in the river nile
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Are there sharks in the nile river?

No, sharks don't live in the Nile river. Sharks can't live in it anyway, it is a fresh water source. Sharks need salt water or they will die.

Are there any special features on the River Nile?

The river Nile does not have any special features.

What is it like on the Nile?

the nile river is like any river same waters

Does river Nile have any waterfalls?

the nile has 3

Are there any Plunge pools on the river Nile?

There are some waterfall lakes on the Nile River.

Is there any wildlife next to the River Nile?

there is LOADS of wildlife next to the river Nile

How is the Nile River dangerous?

Apart from how any large river would be dangerous there are the Nile Crocodiles which are very common along the banks of the Nile River.

Was there any flodings in the river nile?

yes the egyptians built their crops by the river nile because every month or so the river nile flooded.

What is the nile river all about?

The Nile is the same as any other river they are all about getting to the sea.

What is the major river in Egypt?


Are there any sharks in the Amazon River?

Yes, bull sharks are known to live in the amazon river.

What animals live in the nile river?

Fish, sharks, crocodiles and plants and there are people that live around the Nile river too.Crocodiles, hippos, buffalo, water bison, alligators, and pirhanas.

Are there any sharks in the Murray river?


Is there any sharks in the Detroit river?


Are there any parrots in the river nile?

Why would parrots be in the river

What wildlife is around the River Nile today?

There are all animals today near the river Nile. The animals that live by the Nile river are crocodiles , rhinos, birds, turtles, lizards, 15 species of fish.Why do people choose to put forts near rivers? ...Fish, sharks, crocodiles and plants and thereare people that live around the Nile river too.

When is the Nile River flood season?

The Nile River will overflow during any time between May and September.

Does the river Nile have any waterfalls?


Do any dolphins live in the Nile river?


Was there any danger in the river Nile?

yes there was!

The landforms in the river Nile?

The river Nile forms is: waterfalls, cataracts, Lake Nasser, the Nile Delta, the Nile River Valley. These are the land forms a long the river Nile.

Is there any river in the deserts?

Yes, for example, the river Nile in Africa.

Does the River nile has any special features?

It is the longest river in the world

Are there any reptiles in the Nile River?

The Nile Crocodile, soft-shelled turtles, lizards and 15 species of venomous snakes that live in the Nile River habitat.

Tributary of the Nile River?

The five tributaries of the Nile river are: * The Atbarah River * The Dinder River * The Blue Nile * The Sobat River * The White Nile.