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There are some signs you can look out for. Does he drop her name into conversations much? If you go to places does he mention that he's been there before with his ex? Has he ever used the classic "thats not how she used to do it"? Has he still got photos or mementos from his previous relationship? Or rather than looking for these things you could do the easy thing and ask him! good luck :) I would say that if your boyfriend shows signs of having feelings for an ex he probably does. I hate to say that but it happened to me when I was with my ex fiance. He did not go back with her because she started dating someone and got married. She has a baby too now but he always had a huge love for her and does not like the guy she married. His mom broke them up and she broke us up too. There are patterns, look for them so that you are not the one who has to look back and regret anything you have done like I have.

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Q: Are there any signs that your boyfriend can exhibit that would mean he is still emotionally attached to his ex-girlfriend?
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