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Are there any similarities between elements and compounds?

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yes. some of these are:

  • elements make up compounds
  • elements and compounds can not be broken down.

- compounds can not be taken apart by chemical or physical changes.

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Are there any similarities between mixtures and compounds?

A compound contains two or more elements and so does a mixture.

What are inorganic compounds and its elements?

Inorganic compounds are those which do not contain carbon. Any other set of elements is fine.

Is there any other matter than elements and compounds?

Yes, besides elements and compounds, matter can exist in form of mixtures.

Is there any compounds in periodic tables?

No there are no compounds on periodic tables, only elements that can be used to form compounds.

Can lead mix with other elements?

Yes, all elements can mix with any other elements. Also any element except the noble gases can form compounds with other elements. Lead will tend to form similar compounds to those that carbon forms, but unlike the carbon compounds these lead compounds are very toxic!

What are the elements which don't react with any other elements or compounds?

The Noble gasses.

Do compounds only have one element?

No. Compounds can have any number of elements above one.

What are compounds and elements called?

Matter? Compounds can be broken down into smaller components, but elements cannot be broken down any further.

Elements that do not form compounds?

Any noble gas.

Is air a compound of elements or a mixture of elements?

Air is not an example for any of the given. It is a mixture of various elements and compounds.

What is heliums common compounds?

helium is chemically inert and it doesnot react with any other elements and doesnot form any compounds

Does uranium have any other compounds?

Yes, uranium can form many compounds with the majority of other elements.

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Can any two elements form bonds?

Yes, They can & when they do, they form compounds.

Are there any similarities between elements and mixtures?

Yes,a mixture is literally a mix of elments. So they are both made up of elments of same quantity.

How do scientists distinguish between an element and a compound List two elements and two compounds?

An element is any single element on the Periodic Table, while a compound is a substance compiled of two or more elements bonded together chemically. Compounds- Carbon Dioxide, Calcium Carbonate Elements-Magnesium, Sulfur

What is the main difference between elements compounds and mixtures?

An Element is an absolutely pure, uncorrupted substance … singular. A Compound is a chemically bonded mixture of 2 or more Elements. It has it's own unique physical characteristics, different from any of its component Elements. A Mixture contains more than 1 Element, but it lacks any bonding between its component Elements.

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Can any two elements form compounds?

No, metal will not form compounds with other metals and the noble gasses will only form compounds with oxygen and fluorine. Helium and neon don't form any compound.

What is the difference between inorganic and organic?

Organic is of something living, Inorganic is of something not living.Organic compounds are made of carbons and any other elements or radicals

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