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Yes, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina. North Carolina does not have a law directly prohibiting wage garnishment, but the specifics of the garnishment law make it nearly impossible for such action to be taken.

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Q: Are there any states where the court is not allowed to garnish your wages for a civil judgment?
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Can a landlord garnish wages?

Yes--after he has obtained a civil court judgment against you.

Can a payday loan company garnish wages in Virginia?

If the creditor sues the debtor in civil court and is awarded a judgment the judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment.

What can i do if i can't pay a civil judgment?

They will typically garnish your wages until it is paid in full if you cannot pay in full initially.

Can a warrant be palced if you don't pay a payday loan in Texas?

No warranty can be placed. They can file a civil lawsuit against you, then get a judgment to garnish your wages or property. This is a civil matter.

Who can garnish wages in Indiana?

Anyone (businesses or individuals) who is owed money and who receives a valid court judgment via a civil suit or in some instances a civil arbitration ruling against the debtor.

Can you garnish a strippers wages?

If she receives a regular paycheck, probably. If she only gets tips, probably not.Answer #2 - If you have a civil judgment against a stripper, it is virtually impossible to garnish her tips. However, you can go after her bank accounts, and her personal property.

If a civil court judgment is sold to a collection agency then is it considered unsecured debt?

No, it is still valid and the holder of the judgment writ can enforce it in the manner allowed by the laws of the judgment debtor's state.

How do you garnish wages to collect on a civil lawsuit judgment in NY state?

File a motion to lien with the court - since you won the lawsuit there should be no particular problem getting it.

What happens if you can't pay a judgment from a civil suit?

If a judgment has been entered, they will find some way of obtaining the money. They may garnish wages, taking a certain amount of each paycheck. They can seize property and sell it. They can seize bank accounts.

Can a court act as a collection agency for a third party?

Courts do not collect debt owed when it pertains to a civil judgment. In civil cases the judge orders a judgment to be entered against the debtor, the judgment creditor uses the judgment in whatever manner is allowed by law to collect the debt. Example, the creditor receives a judgment in a civil suit, then files the judgment as a wage garnishment against the debtor, the judge signs the garnishment order and the sheriff or other officer of the court serves the garnishment order on the employer of the debtor.

Is child support a civil judgment?

In Illinois, each child support payment is a civil judgment.

Can credit card companies garnish your wages in Minnesota?

Yes, although the creditor would need to follow the proper legal procedure which is usually a civil suit against the debtor in a court in the county where the debtor resides. If the lender is awarded a judgment the judgment can then be executed as a wage garnishment.

What can happen in the state of Georgia if a debtor can not afford to pay a judgment?

The creditor can file a civil lawsuit. If the creditor wins, he/she may be able to attach against property or garnish wages until the debt is paid.

Can a lawyer place a lien on your property for legal fees?

Yes, by suing you in civil court and obtaining a judgment lien.Yes, by suing you in civil court and obtaining a judgment lien.Yes, by suing you in civil court and obtaining a judgment lien.Yes, by suing you in civil court and obtaining a judgment lien.

How do you place a lien on someone's property who owes you money for storage?

You need to sue them in civil court and win a judgment lien.You need to sue them in civil court and win a judgment lien.You need to sue them in civil court and win a judgment lien.You need to sue them in civil court and win a judgment lien.

Can an IRA be garnished for civil lawsuit settlement?

Perhaps, it depends upon the personal property exemptions allowed by the judgment debtor's state and/or the nature of the judgment itself ( personal injury, credit card debt, etc.)

Can you collect survivor benefits levied on a judgment you won?

If you're asking whether you can levy or garnish someone else's Social Security survivor benefits to satisfy a civil judgment, the answer is no. Only the Treasury Department can garnish Social Security benefits, and only for limited reasons, like back alimony, child support, unpaid taxes, or debt owed to other federal departments. Regular creditors are prohibited by law from attaching these funds.

How long does a judgment in a civil lawsuit garnish your wages?

The debt collector or person you owe $ to, can garnish your wages until the debt is paid in full. We're talking anywhere from a few years to decades of collecting (10, 20 or even 30 years or more). Depends how much is owed & if there is any interest to pay as well.

How can you collect on civil judgments in North Carolina if you can not attach bank accounts or garnish wages?

It may be possible to place a lien against real property owned by the judgment debtor. In most states concerning a small claims judgment property liens are not allowed and the plaintiff would have to file a lawsuit in circuit court to obtain another judgment writ that could be executed as a property lien. The inability for a creditor/lender to enforce a judgment is quite common, a fact many winning plaintiffs do not discover until even more money is lost on litigation. Before pursuing litigation it would be in the best interest of the lender to discover if a judgment could be executed in a timely and productive manner, or enforced at all. Almost 90% of debtor/defendants are considered "judgment proof" when it involves creditor lawsuits.

How do you remove a civil judgment?

Satisfy it.

What is the statute of limitations on civil judgments in Florida?

The statute of limitations for a civil judgment is 20 years-5 years for a foreign judgment.

What is adverse civil judgment?

It means you lost a civil suit in court and there is possibly a monetary judgment against you - can result in a Lien, etc.

Can you get an apartment with a civil judgment?

There is no reason to disclose a civil judgment to a rent an apartment, unless it affected your credit rating or it was asked by the leaser.

How do you get out of a Civil Judgment?

You can pay off the judgment , prove with a letter or some valid evidence that the judgment was made in error..

What is a civil judgment and what does it do?

what is a judgmenta "judgment" is usually for money damages or for money owed. Its an official finding and order of a court that "Y" owes "X" so much money and orders "Y" to pay.If the defendant refused the court's order to payk the plaintiff (the one who sued) can enforce the order(the judgment) in various ways. For example, he or she can put a lien on property, garnish wages(illegal some states), etc. Once a lien is placed on property, the plaintiff can often force a sale and get his money from the proceeds. The judgment always shows up on credit reports and is definitely a factor when you apply for credit. E Terrill Corley