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There's really no special exercises you can do to just lose inner thigh . But any exercise targeting the legs or thighs will get you results.


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There are many exercise one can do at a gym that will help to strengthen thigh muscles. Examples include using the seated leg press, doing wall squats and lunges.

Using ankle weights can definetley help with reducing thigh weight.

Squats are an easy exercise that will strengthen the quadriceps (front thigh muscles) and hamstrings (back thigh muscles). The yoga warrior posture strengthens the muscles around the knee and increases range of motion.

There are many different muscles that help to move the thigh. The adductor Magnus is the muscle that extends the thigh. It also laterally rotates and flexes the thigh.

There's no way to target fat in a specific area. There are various diets, and exercise will help as well.

If you need to lose weight, joining Weight Watchers would help you establish a weight loss target. The following information may help you in establishing your target: Weight loss tools - Printable Weight Loss Chart, Free Exercise ... -

The muscles in your upper thigh is called Hamstrings. Hamstrings are one of the strongest muscles in our body. They can also stand high tension that's why it takes long to fatigue those muscles. Good exercise specially squats can help make hamstrings strong.

The only way to get rid of lower abdominal and thigh fat is to exercise. Some of the best exercises to help try to cure this problem is squats, crunches, and planks.

No, exercise will not help grow a moustache.

Develop your own fitness program, like stretching a bike wheel inner tube, for instance. Hold the inner tube over your head and stretch it at your arms full lenght.

exercise can help your muscles by making them bigger and stronger

It totally do NOT make you shorter! It just strain your thigh muscle and help you get in shape at your core and thigh.

The main target from this pull up exercise are the biceps but also it can help with your stomach/abs as well. if you tighten your stomach while pulling up you can get toned abs faster than normal.

exercise help your heart because when you exercise your heart take in more oxygen than it did before.

yah i have the same problem, I have long purple streaks on my inner thigh that have seemed to be moving along my thigh and growing larger, would this be like stretchmarks, or maybe something more serious? I too, have this problem, its what brought me to the site. can anyone help me ... mine are notheing like veins or anyting ... there more like stretch marks. thx in andvance (P.S. I'm male)

Just hot pack your thigh for at least 15min. If that doesnt help then try to elliminate extra movement.

The three thigh muscles that help you you keep astride when riding a horse are the thigh adductor muscles; magnus, longus, and brevis.

Their are many exercises that you can do to help you loose those flabby thighs. You will also want to combine these exercises with a good balanced diet that help keep your thighs slim and trim. Squats are a great exercise that you can do to help you loose weight on your thighs. If you really want to increase the effectiveness you can get you some dumbbells for the exercise. Lunges are great because you are isolating the thigh muscles. This exercise can also be done with or without dumbbells. I think that one of the most effective ways to loose those thighs is running and plenty of cardiovascular exercise. You will have much better success if you work out the entire body and not just "spot"treatment.

The only way to let your own inner magic is if you have a person to help you with it.God will help you with that no doubt.

Exercise will help osteoporosis in the same way a lot of healthy lifestyle choices will help any disease. Regular exercise will help keep you in shape and lessen the chances of falls or injuries that will break bones weakened by osteoporosis. exercise will not help to rebuild bone density.

There are different remedies, such as tea tree oil that may help. However, consulting your physician and getting a prescription is the best bet. A lot of the time fungal infections won't go away on their own.

exercise will not exacerbate this, it will either do nothing or help it

Swimming, like any form of exercise, can help to lose overall body fat. Breast strokes may also help to tone your arms muscles in general, but swimming does not specifically target armpit fat.

ANSWER If you have problems with your knees you should strengthen your thigh muscles (especially the rectus femoris - the main, big muscles in the thigh) by way of exercise.If your thigh muscles are stronger they will absorb the pressure that comes onto the leg when you're walking (for example) in stead of it going to the knees.If you can, join a gym. They have great machines to work those part of your body and there will always be someone around who can help you out.If not possible, there are exercises you can do yourself at home as well. Good luck!

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