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Here is where you can find some very good info on some of the best techniques in wetshaving. Other video's also cover shaving brushes, creams, and other links to find supplies. From Cartridge razors to safety razors and even some links to straight razor info.

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Q: Are there any websites that can teach you the proper way to shave your face?
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When are you supposed to shave your face?

You usually shave your face when there is hair on it, but you can shave it whenever you wish.

Can females shave there face with a razor?

If they want to shave thier face then yes they can.

What can Chuck Norris do?

He can teach you martial arts, for one... He'll also teach you how to shave by kicking yourself in the face if a razor doesn't work... only chuck norris can cut chuck norris...

Use shave in a sentence as a verb?

Tom will shave his face.

Is it okay if you shave your pubic hair and your facial hair with the same razor After I shave my pubes I wash my razor with hot water and soap and than shave my face is there any medical risk?

No risk. Or you can shave your face first.

What razor do women use to shave their face?

You don't.... women shouldn't shave their faces because the hairs on your face will grow thicker.

When grooming a dog do you shave against the fur or with it?

With it, except for on the face. There you will want to shave against.

Should you use separate razors to shave your face and your head?

I definitely would, because the razor you use to shave your head could get plugged from the amount of hair and you still want to get a close shave on your face.

How can you shave and not have a red face?

plz ans?

Does c ronaldo shave his face?


How can you thicken your beard?

Shave your face and then it will com in thicker.

Does Steve Harvey actually shave his face with a razor?


How did the pioneers shave?

they took a twizzler and rubbed it on their face

How much should you shave?

Many people shave twice a week, especially men. When to shave is a personal experience based on how much hair you want to have on your face.

Can you shave in basic training?

You are required to shave your face in Basic Training (BCT) if you are a man. If you are a woman and are inquiring about your legs and under your arms, then no, you are not required to shave these areas.

Dexter In the opening sequence why does Dexter shave and then leave the house unshaven?

he doesnt shave his face, only his neck.

How do you get that dark stubbly look on your face?

AnswerShave your pubic hair off and crazy glue it it to your face

How do you remove hair from face?

Seriously.... Just shave bro

Why do mustaches grow?

because people dont shave their face

Does nuns shave pubic hair?

yes off there face

How do you shave your face without getting a rash?

By using bold for men shaving burn no rash i love this one ... A Luxurious Waterless Shave gel that can be used as a complete 3-in-1 shaving regimen (pre-shave/shave/post-shave).

How do you make a smile face with hair?

Well, either shave you head in the spots where the eyes and smiles are, or shave around the border of where they are, or shave every thing but where they are, but only if you want it on your body.

How do you tell your mum you need to shave?

i no it is hard to tell your mum things but it is easier to tell and be able to shave then have to drag it out, you can tell her face to face, a note, or a text e.t.c hope it helped :D

How do you get rid of thick hair growth on the face?

The best treatment for thick face hair is to have a daily shave.

What changes are alike for boys and girls when puberty comes?

Shaving obviously! Boys- shave their face. Girls- shave their armpits and legs.