Are there baby ghosts?

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What are ghosts?

If you dont believe i them then you wont get haunted by them you just dont believe in them and by the way there id no such things as ghosts people only believe in them because they think that ghosts are the souls of dead people but there not souls just go into heaven there not ghosts but if you want ( Full Answer )

What is ghost?

A ghost is the spirit of a person who has died. Some are residual which means that they don't interact with the environment but keep replaying an event like a tape replays a movie. Others are actual spirits that communicate and are in an environment that they once knew. Some people think that all of ( Full Answer )

What is ghosting?

Ghosting is a sport that is known as 'Personal Space Invading'. Pretty much, you start walking in a public place, and when someone walks past you, you turn around and start following them as close as you can by matching their stride and staying there as long as you can. Once you start ghosting someo ( Full Answer )

The ghost of you?

The Ghost Of You is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands My Chemical Romance ^_^

Can babies see ghost?

It has been said children are more 'sensitive' to things Paranormal - since they are a blank slate and aren't influenced by society's skepticism - I believe we are all born with a 'sixth sense' and it is buried in some by outside influences as we mature... I think young aged people can see ghost b ( Full Answer )

What do ghosts do to you?

Have a better answer many ghosts can manifest themselves and do many stange and wonderful things, such as move objects and communicate with us mortals through ouija boards etc. then can also do some very violents acts they have been linking to suspicious deaths such as suicide and house fires etc t ( Full Answer )

What do ghost do?

They are lost spirits so them just hang around until its there time to go up in heaven.

Was there really a ghost in 3 men and a baby?

yes there was in the mansion of hanaburg down in missisipie:) . No. This rumor started because there is a scene in the film where the camera is pointed at a window and a figure is seen at the curtain. But the figure was simply a cardboard cutout.

Can babies see ghosts?

If you believe that there are ghosts then there's no reason for suspecting that babies do not see them. On the other hand as I don't believe that there are such beings as ghosts, I would say that neither babies nor children nor adults can see them.

What about the ghost?

ghosts are mysterious, i have spent 4 years as a ghost hunter but never saw one until the last day

Does Melinda have a baby in Ghost Whisperer?

yes, Melinda finds out she's pregnant with Jim's baby during Season 4. In the first episode of Season 5 (which airs Sept. 25) she will give birth to a baby boy.

How do you get a ghost baby on Sims 3?

Have a Ghost Baby (Without Killing) How to do it: - Set one of your Sim's traits to Kleptomaniac (Sim must be female) - Go to graveyard - Wait until Sim steals remains or tell sim to swipe something (remains must be male) - On the second day since stealing grave and putting it in home, t ( Full Answer )

How do you get a ghost baby on the sims 3?

Visit the graveyard around 4:00am every night for a few nights and talk to one of the GHOSTS. Build up a strong relationship with the ghost and invite them over. Once they are over at your house, continue doing romantic actions until you are able to select the try for baby option. If the Sim does no ( Full Answer )

What does a baby ghost wear on Halloween?

In the likelihood that ghosts exist, they generally wouldn't wear anything new -- they are physically transparent and cannot wear new apparel or accessories.

Can babys see ghosts?

Perhaps they can, but they just don't realize that it's what we call as ghost.

How do you get rid of ghost babies on sims 3?

To get rid of ghost babies on Sims 3, you will need to delete theghost baby from the grave where he or she was found. Use thecontrol, shift and C key to delete the baby.

How can you get a ghost?

You cannot just 'acquire' a spirit. First, they are everywhere so you probably have at least one either in your house at the moment or around you. And second, do not try to call one too you because you may end up with a negative spirit. but if I can't stress something enough NEVER AND I'M MEAN NEVER ( Full Answer )

How do you have a ghost baby on Sims 3?

Click on make sims and make a married couple. Them make the man die by trapping HIM in a room with nothing to eat or drink.(make sure you take away the door so he can get out) Once he is dead put his grave in your inventory and take him to the scinence lab and press the button turn into ghost and on ( Full Answer )

Do babies see ghost?

People say babies cant see ghost but that's not true. Babies see black shadows and they start to cry alot. The same goes to animals but they don't cry. (your dog sees a ghost it starts to bark) (your parrot can hear ghost and repeat everything the spirit said).

Are baby dolls haunted by ghost?

Some ppl say during pregnancy women should not go out during night cuz ghosts may haunt them.....

Is there such things as baby ghosts?

no ........................ Ghosts are not "alive" in any true sense, so ghosts cannot reproduce, have babies, grow, mature or go through any of the life cycles that living persons experience. OTOH, if an infant was murdered or died in traumatic circumstances, there might be an energy residue f ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant by a ghost if he was in love with you and ask for a baby?

yes its possible ive ask for a baby and im in love with a ghost and there reason i did is a long story Another answer: No. Ghosts, by definition, have no physical presence. In order to become pregnant, a physical female must have sexual contact with a physical male. If a being has enough physica ( Full Answer )

What can ghosts do to you?

People often get confused with this it is actually poltergeiststhat harm you and/or move objects around ghosts are just anapparition so like a hologram really. Although there are alsodemons which can do pretty much the same as poltergeists. If youhave unexplained movement and/or sightings in your or ( Full Answer )

Where are ghost from?

It depends how far back you want look because have a life cycle type (so this question is abit like 'what came first the chicken or the egg?'). Anyways there life cycle is mainly like this: . A person is born they draw what ever ghost/spirit (often a spirit rather than ghost) is closest to them to ( Full Answer )

Why do babies see ghost?

You wouldn't know if they could see ghosts or not, because they cannot talk, & by the time they are older, they usually have very little memory of what when on when they were babies.

The ghost story baby blue eyes?

As the story goes, there used to be a mother and her baby. The baby had very blue eyes, hence the name of the story being called baby blue eyes. Anyways, the mother was very mentaly ill, even phsycotic. As the myth of baby blue goes, the mother smashed a mirror and killed the baby using on of the ra ( Full Answer )

Why do you have ghosts?

There are lots of theories. Some "ghosts" seem to be just "residue" left behind from past events (war is the most common example of what seems to trigger "residue hauntings"). These would be the ghosts who go through a set motion of activities when observed, and don't seem to notice us. Some of t ( Full Answer )

How do you have the ghost baby on sims 3?

you have to get a high enough relationship with a ghost the ghost is in the graveyard but you have to leave to go there at 12:00 midnight if you hear scary music look around that means a ghost is coming but all ghosts will dissaprear at 4:00 so i think you should use the cheat testingcheatsenabled t ( Full Answer )

How do you have a ghost?

When someone dies in a particular place and had some unfinished business it can create a paranormal entity which pertains to a ghostly form. The Spirit is usually lost, wanting revenge, or is trying to protect something. Many spirits are completely harmless, but others can be a harm to a family.

Why are there ghost?

Well, there is no prooven answer to why ghosts are here, it believed they have/had unfinished business. I believe we have them because they ether couldn't find the light and are just a lost soul trying to find there way out. Lost souls usually hang around because they died from a violent death, died ( Full Answer )

Can dogs and babies see ghosts?

There can not be a definite answer to this, because there is not a definite answer to ghosts. Some people firmly believe in them, and others firmly believe there is no such thing. However, in the ghosts believing community, it is widely accepted the dogs and younger people are more "open" to sightin ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if you dream a about a baby ghost baby?

It is not possible to guess at an interpretation with so little information about the dream itself and the accompanying emotions. A terrified dream of dead babies behaving like zombies would have a very different meaning from a calm dream of baby spirits hovering around a beautiful garden. Similar d ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you dream about a baby girl ghost and her mom talking to my mom which is alive?

The ghostly baby girl and her mom represent your childhood self, and the image of your mother as you perceived her as a small child . The dream suggests that you wish your mom would relate to you now in the same way you remember her relating to you in the past. On the other hand, perhaps you feel t ( Full Answer )

Are ghosts there?

Well, if you believe in ghosts, your not alone. Many people belivein ghosts but , personal experience is one thing, but scientificevidence is another matter. I personally belive in ghosts, my wholefamily has been through the experience. Some people believe thatghosts are just lost spirits who failed ( Full Answer )

Where is ghosts?

Ghosts "is" not really inside our universe really. You have toimagine our universe as being a ball. But it's a four dimensionalone... We can't get off our universe-ball. Just like a peep you drew onpaper can't escape from the paper. In this context you have toimagine a 3 dimensional puppet on the pa ( Full Answer )