Are there bad spirits?

2ND CONTRIBUTOR: INCLUSION BY ANNUNAKI PSYCHIC SPIRIT FAIRIE. Yes, there are bad spirits, and you do not have to learn by experience to believe it. Let's take a look at the biblical explanation for spirits. (Ephesians 6:12) Starts off talking about putting on the armor for the battle which is not with flesh and blood but with spiritual principalities. Also, it ends by speaking of praying in the spirit, the opposite of which is praying in the flesh. So we now for a surety that anything of the spirit has nothing to do with flesh, and blood. About putting on the armor. There would be no need for armor or protection if these spirits were good. Evil spirits are the opposite of righteous angels. Do not wait to experience them (evil or bad spirits). Ask the Universal source to show you. When you knock the door shall be opened.



Well, if your asking such a specific question like are there 'bad' spirits, your presuming that there are 'good' spirits. So if you believe in the existence of good spirits by rights you should believe in the existence of bad spirits also. That is presuming that there are spirits at all.