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Depends on what you mean by "better". If you can keep a network running, you can probably find work just about anywhere, just about any time. But you could be canned just as easily, you'll probably do a lot of miserable shift work, and (speaking generally here) your value to the organization will always be rather limited because you're a supporter rather than a producer. The guy who keeps the coach's headset running is important, but it's the running back that brings in money. On the other hand, in computer engineering you will be more specialized in a more sophisticated field. Fewer companies need that kind of expertise, but those that do will value it more. Which sounds better to you?

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Q: Are there better job opportunities in IT or computer engineering?
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What are the top 5 branches in engineering according to job opportunities?

Mechanical engineering computer science and engineering electricial engineering electronics n telecommunication engineering civil engineering

Why you choose computer engineering?

i choose computer engineering because it has good placement . everybody tell that it is better for girls because the job in it is very easy & it is a office job

Which is better computer engineering or mechanical engineering?

Neither, that is a matter of opinion. Various people will give you various answers. If you look at numbers, at least near where I live, there are many more mechanical engineers than computer engineers, so you could say that mechanical engineering is more popular. But you cannot say which is better without more detail, in example: better salary, or better job opportunities.

Which branch is the good in engineering?

In engineering Electrical & electronics branch is better than E & C and is having more salary & job opportunities.

Which is better between computer science and information technology?

Possibly computer science because it can give more job opportunities

What jobs in computer engineering are available in Perth, WA?

At the moment, computer engineering jobs don't seem to be available, or at least accessible through online employment sites. You could probably obtain better results by contacting your university/college's engineering department and inquiring about guidance or possible job opportunities that they would recommend, based on your training and background.

What will be the scope of computer engineering and BC IT after 4 years and which field will be better to choose?

no job-no grl-no problm..... no job-no grl-no problm.....

Does applied electronics and instrumentation has better job offerings than computer science and engineering and electronics and communication?


What you do after computer science and engineering?

get a job

Which branch of civil engineering has more job opportunities?

It depends on where you live or intend to work...

What is the Major job responsibilities for computer engineering?


What is the scope of computer science engineering in India?

The booming IT sector in India presents large-scale job opportunities for fresh computer science graduates. Candidates from top engineering Universities and colleges like VIT JAIPUR get attractive job offers from diverse MNCs & IT companies. computer science & engineering or information technology begin their career as IT engineers’. Career in IT is considered one of the most high-paying jobs and is imbued with opportunities; particularly in an era where India’s prowess in information technology industry is recognized globally. Also, computer engineers have a range of options to work in IT companies in departments such as design, development, assembly, manufacture and maintenance, etc.

Which College Course would give the best possible career opportunity to successfully obtain a job with high wages Electronics Engineering Technology or Computer Engineering Technology?

Do the one that you like the most. There are plenty of great career opportunities for both.

Why peolpe imigrate?

variety of reasons for work and job opportunities for a better quality of life for a safer life for better educational opportunities

Job opportunities in electronics and instrumentation engineering?

The field of instrumentation engineering is in demand. Instrumentation engineering stemmed out of the demand in electrical engineering. This a need for those choosing career paths in both electronics and instrumentation engineering.

How can education give you opportunities?

I think you can get a job and get paid better

What will be the job opportunities in India for Nuclear Engineering?

See the link below for a survey of India and nuclear power

How many materials engineering jobs are there?

For a fresher its very difficult to get a job. There are a lot of option. I suggest you don't wait for opportunities always try to get opportunities. Have you heard about sap? For material engineering sap mm module is a good option. I am sure after sap certification you can get job easily.

Where can I find engineering technology jobs?

You can find job opportunities for engineering technology at places online, but it does not seem like there are very many out there.

Which is better chemical engineering or biomedical engineering?

From a career & job point of view, I think biomedical engineering has an upperhand compared to chemical engineering.

What is the job availability as an artist?

Artists have good job outlooks when specializing in computer graphics. Traditional artists will have limited opportunities but may find many freelance opportunities.

What is an engineering job that starts with a c?

Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer and Computer Hardware Engineer are engineering jobs.

What are the requirements for an optical engineer job?

The requirements for an optical engineering job include a high school and college diploma with a concentration in a relevant field, such as optical engineering, physics, or engineering. However, many higher paying opportunities in optical engineering will be available to those with a relevant and advanced degree.

Why do people migrate within Pakistan?

In search of better job opportunities, and better standard of living for their families

What is the highest paying job you can get with an bachelor of science degree?

computer science and or chemical engineering.