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Are there books or other tools to help educate young children about moving out of state and away from their father?


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2015-07-16 18:59:09
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Yes there are books and information you can find online to help your child with moving. It's a difficult task , but make sure the child feels involved in the move. like they are helping out. I was an army brat so I know moving is just the start. Make them feel secure about their new environment and get them into activites like sports and clubs so that they feel like part of the community. It makes a place feel like home faster.

There are many books that deal with children being separated from one parent or the other or both! If there are no restrictions on contact, it is important to encourage communication in whatever way works for you. I dealt with this issue years ago after my divorce, and had my children call their father almost every day even though they were a little too young for actual conversations...they could still hear his voice and liked the ritual. We also sent a lot of pictures by mail and so did he...e-mail and digital photos make this much easier now. Any occasion that we celebrated we tried to share by cards, a fun day, an exciting experience. It's just important for everyone that the children and their dad feel connected, and that is possible even though you may live miles away from each other, but it does take some effort and creativity...


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