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Are there booster seats for vehicles without shoulder belts?

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All booster seats can be used with a shoulder belt as far as I know. The best are the kind with a back on them. Just follow the directions that come with it. And you can ask store people, they may know a lot about them.

Someone answer his question. I have the same question. We have the boosters that go with shoulder belts, but we don't have shoulder belts in our cars. The mfg. instructions for our booster seat say not to use it with only a lap belt. The state says we have to use a booster, so we're stuck.

There is NO booster seat on the market that can be used without a shoulder belt. BUT you do have options.

First, you can purchase a seat that will harness your child over the 40lb weight limit of most traditional carseats. Seats that do this are the Britax Marathon, or Britax Husky.

If that is not an option, then using a harness system such as the EZ-On (

Your last option is to have shoulder belts retrofitted for the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle this could cost about $200+. Also, you cannot have a shoulder belt put in the center position of a car.

In the mean time and as a very very last resort, you can put the child in the front seat (as long as there is NO airbag) using the shoulder belt in the passenger side position. Make sure you push the vehicle seat all the way back.

On a side note: also about lap only belts. It is EXTREAMLY unsafe for ANYONE to use a lap only belt. There are 2 types of injuries that are associated with lap only belts. The first being Head and/or neck injury. This is caused when the individual is thrown forward and has no upper body restraint. And the second is called seat belt syndrom. These injuries typically include 1. severe abdominal injuries, 2. fractures of the lumbar spine, and 3. serious closed head and facial injuries. For more great info on lap belt only dangers please check out this site:


Jen E. CPS Technician and mom to 3 in seats!

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Britax has long been a leader in providing booster seats for children. The benefits of the Britax booster seats is the positioning of the lap and shoulder belts to fit correctly on the child's hip and shoulder.

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Yes. The only autos not coverd under the seat belt laws are the ones built so long ago that they were not installed at the factory. yes you need seat belts in the jeep however Because of the year of your vehicle you are only required to have what would have normally been installed by the factory in 1973 which would have been the front seat and rear seat single Lap belts. The 3 point shoulder belts that are used today were not required in US vehicles until Feb 1974 so there were many pre 1974 model vehicles with just lap belts and no shoulder belts...

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Assuming you are asking about seat/shoulder belts, yes.

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It is unlawful to change factory installed belts for belts not meeting the same standards. If the vehicle was originally equiped with lap belts, lap belts are all that is required. If the vehicle was equipped with lap and shoulder, then lap and shoulder are required.

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