Are there carriers of HIV

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Yes. Everyone who is infected with HIV is a carrier and infectious. Most people who become infected with HIV will not initially know or notice that they have been infected, but some will suffer symptoms of a short seroconversion illness when they develop HIV antibodies (generally two to six weeks after HIV exposure). Seroconversion illness can be similar to (and can be easily mistaken for) flu, glandular fever, tonsillitis or a serious herpes attack, but is rarely severe enough to require hospitalisation or even result in an immediate HIV diagnosis. The speed at which an untreated person will go on to develop AIDS varies greatly, but most people will remain asymptomatic for several years (it is estimated that around half the people with HIV develop AIDS within 10 years of becoming infected).

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Q: Are there carriers of HIV
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Do HIV carriers ever test HIV positive?

HIV carriers do test HIV positive.

Are there carriers of HIV Who are not infectious?

No there are not.

Can HIV negative off spring be carriers?

A HIV negative person can not be a carrier of HIV.

How many hiv carriers in the US does the CDC estimate that there are?


Can the offspring of HIV infected persons be carriers?

They can only if they are infected with the virus.

Are there hiv carriers?

A carrier is someone infected who does not show symptoms. Many people infected with HIV doesn't know it, and do not have symptoms.

What jobs did most immigrants from England have when they came to the US?

All woman were hookers and HIV carriers.

What disease have healthy carriers?

Several diseases can, a few are: typhoid, HIV/AIDS, polio, etc.

First symptoms of HIV?

Some of the first symptoms of HIV are fever and body aches. Many HIV carriers also experience rashes, headaches, and swollen glands. Many other things cause the same symptoms which is why most carriers don't know they have the disease. This is the asymptomatic stage-the period of time when a person infected has no symptoms.

Can you get AIDS from deep kissing?

Yes, saliva can transmit HIV/AIDS, but it is quite an uncommon occurrance. Blood and reproductive fluids are much better carriers and transmitters of HIV/AIDS.

HIV symptom?

The interesting thing about HIV is that many of the symptoms that show up are also symptoms of other diseases, and many times, HIV positive carriers will show no symptoms at all. It is more prudent to simply get tested for HIV than it is to worry about symptoms and let the labs do their work. Do not worry yourself about the past, and carry hope into the future. HIV treatments are getting better by the day.

Have any US presidents died of HIV?

No, they have not. HIV was not diagnosed until the early 1980s, and little was known about it at that time. There is no evidence that any former presidents who died in the period from the mid-1980s to the present were carriers of this virus, nor did any of them die from it.

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