Are there cheats for Super Mario bro Wii?

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There maybe some cheats or not... Don't know either...
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New Super Mario Bros cheats?

I do know a little bit.... To be Luigi, on the menu, press A with L and R. To get in world 4, beat the boss with mini Mario in world 2 To get in world 7, beat the boss with mini Mario in world 5 You can save anywhere after you beat the game. From William and Matthew BFF. Hey i kno ( Full Answer )

What are some cheat codes for Super Mario bros brawl for wii?

There is a cheat which can unlock you more fighters quicker. Here is how you do it:. Go to Special Brawl . Choose Stamina and Flower as the options. Best if you have nothing else. . Set your character to anyone you want(EXCEPT RANDOM). . Set your opponents character to random. Switch it to anyon ( Full Answer )

Cheats for Mario super sluggers Wii?

11111111 11111111 . D2000000 00000000: . Makes peach naked. . 12345678 12345678 . 12345678 12345678 . D2oo00oo 00oo00oo: . Makes it able for you to go to any levels.

What are some cheats for Super Mario Bros?

Cheats for the Super Mario Bros. game are things that help you getthrough the game easier or give you things including extra lives orcoins. Cheats for the game include going behind walls, warp zones,glitches, and secrets. Walking on the sea floor can keep you safebecause the Bloopers get forced to t ( Full Answer )

How do you play new super Mario bros wii?

tilt your remote sideways so that the 2 is facing the right. to learn the controls, look in the manual booklet. he to run, use the arrow buttons. use the down to crouch, and the left and right to move left and right. press 1 while running to speed up, or dash. press 2 to jump. jump a few times in a ( Full Answer )

How do you get to the cannons in new super Mario bros wii?

World 1's is in 1-3, get yoshi, near the end is a ledge by the venus fire trap, flutter jump ABOVE that ledge, go right to a secret pipe. goes to world 5. World 2's is in 2-6, get the propeller mushroom, at the end, before you go down the pipe, jump, propell up, and a secret pipe is up there. goes ( Full Answer )

How do you get to the cannons on new Super Mario Bros Wii?

First, you've got to look at the levels around it and find the one that is closest to the cannon. Go into the level and somewhere in it you will find a secret exit. After you have found it the cannon level will be unlocked. There are no enemies in it so no need for preparation. In the cannon level t ( Full Answer )

How many worlds are on new Super Mario Bros Wii?

There are nine worlds in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. When you get all of the Star Coins in World One you unlock World Nine Level One and so on. World Nine is like Rainbow Road on Mario Kart.

Cheats on new Super Mario Bros Wii?

Hey ppl wanna know a cheat on Mario bros wii...well i found out to get lives quick and easy!!! well frist....go to lvl 2-2 and then get tot the check point then go down where u see sinking sand and then it will bring u down to where a "P" is hit that and then go down and get many coins as u can then ( Full Answer )

How do you play as luigi in new Super Mario Bros Wii?

just activate the super guide.die 8 times in a row and hit the green box with a exclamation mark.then pause and stop the super guide and play the rest as luigi That dose work I did it my self ... but when I pasted it off (it was supper hard) it didn't count so i got mad so if i were u just do ( Full Answer )

Are there cheats for new super Mario bros Wii?

cannon to world 5 its easy to get to this cannon its in world 1 the level where you get the yoshis. after the fire flower plant there will be lots of koopas and goombas patroling around. use yoshis double jump to get you to a secret pipe to get you the cannon to world 5. cannon to world 6 he ( Full Answer )

How do you get world 9 in new super Mario bros Wii?

If you defeat Bowser in the last castle then you go in a air balloon and she will say: ''Did i ever tell you about the secret world and then you get World 9. To get the levels in that world you need to get all the star coins in all levels of all worlds. If you have every star coin in world 1 you ge ( Full Answer )

Cheats for Super Mario Bros wii?

Well one simple cheat is when you are ice Mario or fire Mario, you can just jerk the wii remote up and Mario will do a spin and shoot fire or snowballs out from both sides!

Cheats for New Super Mario Bros Wii?

On World 1-3 (the first Yoshi level) you can get cannon to world 5. Here's how: 1. Start the level as normal until you reach the part where you can jump onto a ledge on Yoshi and go into a hidden tunnel filled with coins/fruits. 2. Jump onto the ledge, but DON'T go in the tunnel. Instead stand just ( Full Answer )

What are the cheats for Super Mario Brothers Wii?

One is if you are playing with two or more people, you can hit the flag at the end of the level when the last two digits in the timer are the same: 99; 33; 111; 222; 555. If the last 2 numbers are below 4: 33;233;222; you will get a green mushroom house. If they are above 3 then you will get a red m ( Full Answer )

How do you get the cannons on new Super Mario Bros Wii?

The cannons are obtained by finding secret exits. one I know of is in world 1-3. with a Yoshi or propellor, where there is a fire pirahnah, jump up the platforms and go on the high ledge. then, jump as high as you can, and when you are offscreen, Hug the right wall and keep going right to find a sec ( Full Answer )

Is Super Smash Bros Brawl or new super Mario bros Wii better?

It depends on which one YOU like. Asking this question will result in a biased final answer seeing as how some prefer, in their opinion, Super Smash Bros. Brawl while other lean towards New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I prefer brawl, while another who posts an answer to this question says that NSMBW is b ( Full Answer )

New Super Mario Bros wii star coins?

Beat the game to unlock World 9. To unlock each 8 levels in world 9, go to the eight previous worlds and collect all three star coins in each level. It will take you a while.

What game is better Mario kart Wii or super Mario bros Wii?

They Are Both Great Games But If You Like Racing and head to head competitions then get Mario kart...on the other hand you can get super Mario bros wii if you like the original games where you jump and squish goombas and get power-ups :) hope this helped

How do you do a flip in new Super Mario Bros wii?

Start walking while holding down the 1 button. When you reach full speed (he holds his hands the opposite way you're running) jump using 2. Right when you land, jump again. After you land from that, jump a third time right when you land and you will flip.

Where do you put in cheat codes on new super Mario bros Wii?

Im Sorry. I Was Looking For Every Site For New Super Mario Bros Wii. Cheat Codes, But I Think They Really Dont Have Cheat Code What So Ever. Like I Wish They Made A Game Lot More Easier .... Yes, yes there's codes. But I forgot the link, but look it up on youtube hellooooo... Youtube has a lot of s ( Full Answer )

Is there a world 10 in Super Mario Bros for wii?

no only world 9. unlock it by A: beat worlds 1-8 B: get every star coin of at least one world to unlock the first level of world nine and so on. no world ten, sorry.

How do you swim down in Super Mario Bros wii?

Do you mean new super Mario bros wii? Because Super Mario bros wii is differeant. Oh, well, in both games don't press anything and you will slowly go down.

Where do the cannons go in new Super Mario Bros wii?

The cannon can lead to any world. For example, the cannon in world 1 and 2 lead to world five. But the cannon in world 5 and 6 lead to world 8. The cannon in world 3 leads to world 6.

How do you get to the cannon on super marios bros wii?

the world 5 cannon is easy. all you do is go to the ghost house. then you go through the halls all the way so you can't go any further. then you go on the bottom hall and go right (you will go through the wall). you will find a door which leads to the secret.

Is new Super Mario Bros 2 coming out for wii?

Currently it is 3DS only, if a Wii version was being produced, it would probably have been released at the same time. More than likely Nintendo is focusing on the Wii U.