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I've been repairing clocks for over 22 years.

If near Charleston:

Smith Clock Repair

509 Rose Lane

Summerville, SC

(843) 817-0469

Please call for appointment

I also repair clocks in Columbia from:

Phelps Jewelers

410 Meeting St.

West Columbia, SC

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Patio repair shops around san diego, yes there are some patio repair shops there. You will be able to find a couple repair shops around the city.

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Yes, most auto body repair shops are unionized. You can find out more information at That depends upon which part of the country they're located in. In the South there are virtually no unionized auto repair shops. In the Northeast and Midwest states it's far more likely they'd be unionized..

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a clock spring is a tempered metal coil that produces energy regulated thru a series of gears to make the clock run so you can tell time.Most clock shops will charge about 75 to 100.00 to repair this. In automotive terms it is an electrical connection between the steering wheel and the steering column. It carries power to the accessories mounted on the steering wheel such as the horn and air bag. It resembles a clock spring.

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Auto repair shops.

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If you are looking for local auto repair shops, check out for reputable repair shops near you. Most cities however boast a fair number of commercial repair shops from Jiffy Lube to Wal-Mart. Hope that helps!

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There are shops that repair nail holes on tires. There are even kits you can purchase and repair the hole on your automobile tire yourself. You could also have your tire repaired at Sears, Goodyear or Firestone.

How many shoe repair shops were there during World War 2?

During the World War II, the number of repair shops totaled nearly 70,000

Is rhere any pawn shops open on sunday in south carolina?

no i cheaked all over i dont think so sorry if i might be wroung

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There are not many antique repair shops. However, there is Terry Nelson Antique Watch Repair, which only repairs watches. There are many antique shops around the area, but none of which seems to do much repairing.

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The fairness and quality of work done by computer repair shops differs from location to location. However, most of the time a local repair shop will give you the fairest rates and highest quality of work. If there are no local computer repair shops near you, you may want to go to a MicroCenter or BestBuy instead.

How many auto repair shops are there in the US?