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Are there coat of arms of the Risher family anywhere in the world?

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Yes, the family is originally from France. The coat of arms is very old dating back to the Crusades.

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Are there Coat of arms of the andrew's family anywhere in the world?

A Coat of Arms granted to the Andrews family is gold, on a blue pile a dove proper in base, on either side a mullet of the second pierced of the field. The Crest is upon a green mount a dove holding in the beak an olive leaf slipped proper, and charged on the breast with a red escallop.

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What is the Coat of arms of the Roche family?

Coats of Arms belong to individuals, not to families.

Is there any type of symbol like a coat of arms that represents a family instead of an individual?

A coat of arms represents a family name.

Are girls arms longer than boys arms?

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How do you find your family crest without having to pay for it?

In most cases, if your family actually has a "family crest" or coat of arms, you've known about it since you were a small child. The vast majority of families do not have, and never have had, a family crest or coat of arms. Simply having the same surname as a family that once had a coat of arms does not mean that you are related to that family. Even if you can prove that you are related to a family that once had a coat of arms, it does not mean that the coat of arms ever rightfully belonged to one of your ancestors. A coat of arms belonged to a specific individual and his descendants, not to a surname. That, of course, does not prevent heraldic "bucket shops" from selling you a bogus "family crest" that they have found in a book or invented themselves.

What is the German Boser family crest?

You will have to research your family history to find the crest for your particular family, if there is one. Beware of the multitude of family crest websites available. They do little research and chances are that you will get a coat of arms that is completely made up or false. If you are in a hurry, do an internet search for "Boser coat of arms." At least five different coats of arms will be found. That suggests that at least five families had rights to arms, or that several people have fanciful ideas of what should be a coat of arms for this family.

Why the coat of arms of Spain is the same as the Gonzalez family?

The Coat of Arms of Spain has been changed several times since first adopted by the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinant and Isabella. However, no version of the Coat of Arms of Spain is the same as the Gonzalez family coat of arms.

Who would wear a family coat of arms?

A family coat of arms can be found from past members of the family or created new. It is unusual to wear one except as a piece of jewelry. Usually coats of arms are hung on the wall. Anyone who is proud of their heritage could wear one.

What is a coat of arm?

first of all, it coat of ARMS. and a coat of arms is a family crest. LOOK IT UP.

How can you find your family coat of arms? or

Was my family in the Knights Templar if the Red Maltese Cross is on my family crest?

Sorry, but there is no such thing as a Family Coat of Arms.

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How can find your real family coat of arms?

The first thing is to determine whether your family actually had a coat of arms. Contrary to what many 'crest companies' would have you believe, most families did not have a coat of arms. Coats of arms belonged to the nobles and knights, who were only about 10% of the population of medieval Europe. Chances are not high that your family had one. If you can document your lineage to nobility, then you have a chance of finding a coat of arms. And just because your name matches it does not mean that you are related to a particular coat of arms.

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What do animals on coat of arms represent?

What an animal on a coat of arms represents depends on several things, including:the culture in which the Arms were createdthe specific animalthe history of the person, family, or organization for which the Arms were created.

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A greyhound on a coat of arms symbolizes courage, majesty, and loyalty. President Abraham Lincoln's family coat of arms displayed a greyhound.

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