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YES! Absolutely! There are lots of different types of fonts that fit different types of documents best. For example, the traditional rule is that for online documents, it's best to use a sans serif font, and for print documents, it's best to use a serif font. I

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How do you get different fonts on facebook?

If you press on account you can get different fonts, by pressing on change font .

How do you apply two themes fonts together in Excel?

You can select only one theme at a time in Excel. Select the primary theme you want to display on the entire worksheet, then change the fonts for the cells you want to display a font different than the theme.

How do you talk in different fonts?

Different fonts are visual, typographic elements and not verbal, so you cannot strictly speaking, talk in different fonts. However, you can emphasize in speech (pausing and elucidating slowly) and in fonts (selecting italic or bold for example).

How do you get different fonts for preshontion on babydow?

You have to download different fonts. Babydow only offers arial by default.

Where is a website that you can type in a word and it will give you different fonts to choose from? is a great website for finding different fonts.

What are some of the different types of fonts in the font family?

There are many different types of fonts in the font family. Examples of different types of fonts in the font family includes Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Arial.

Why would you consider using different fonts ina an online document?

Using different fonts in an online document can help for an easier read. Different fonts in a document can also create a certain feel and mood for the reader.

What is the Abercrombie font?

they have different fonts

How can I see my name in different fonts? gives you the ability to type in your name (or any text for that matter) and see it in a series of different fonts. Though some fonts do not allow this feature, a majority of them do.

Where can one see different tattoo fonts?

You can find tattoo fonts on many different websites around the internet. You can also select one from a free fonts website, or talk to a tattoo artist.

What cell phone has different size fonts?

Blackberry Bold 9780 It has many sizes for fonts, and also lots of different choices.

Every theme has an associated pair which enables you to change the look of the heading and body text?

Font Pair.In the Themes group, click the Themes Fonts button. The current Font Pair displays. You can change the font pair to the fonts used in another theme without changing the current them.

What different fonts on Bebo can you use?

Go onto this sight :D Many different fonts for your bebo -->

Where can you find different examples of italics?

Most versions of microsoft word will have an area where you can compare fonts and how italics and bold print look in different fonts. To find this area go the fonts section in Microsoft Word.

Where do you select different fonts in WikiAnswers?

You can't.

How do you get different fonts on Twitter?

u cant

What types of fonts are there?

Fonts are the style of writing a computer may use. There are thousands of font styles, even some that look like the different handwriting styles. give many types including: Handwritten Fonts Graffiti Fonts Famous Fonts Formal Scripts Calligraphic Fonts Blackletter Fonts Casual Scripts Symbols

Where can you find calligraphy fonts?

Font Space has more than 300 different calligraphy fonts available to download while Van Delay Designs offers 25 different fonts that one can learn to write on their own.

How many different fonts does a computer have?

It depends on what computer you have as some certain ones come with different fonts, more or less, and you can download some so there is no proper answer.

Different themes for theme parks?

themes for parties

What are funny fonts on Microsoft word?

There are many different fonts in Microsoft Word. Some of the funny fonts that can be found in MS Word include Goudy Stout, Ravie and Jokerman.

What are the Different themes of drama?

different themes of a theatre religion royalty family love society

How do you use different fonts on an iPhone?

You need to download apps from the app store and then copy and paste them into the document you wish to use the fonts with.

What is Type sizes and fonts?

There are different sizes and fonts for text in HTML. Font faces can be defined for many texts and sizes as well.

What are some example Adobe fonts?

There are many different types of Adobe fonts available for consumers. Some examples of Adobe fonts are: Arno Pro, and another example is Garamond Premier Pro.

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