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Buddhism is more of a philosophy then a religion so women can take part on an equal footing. however there are a lot of different schools of thought in Buddhism.

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yes because gender role is way different to gender

What were the gender roles of Indians

Gender Roles refers to what's commonly expected of Males & Females in the society in which they live in (Gender Roles strongly reflect culture & are different in different countries) For example: female gender roles in the U.S. could be to cook, clean, take care of the children, to be caring, nurturing, & social. What's expected of males in the U.S. as far as gender roles go is much different. They're usually expected to successfully work, and earn money to support their families, to be heads of their households, as well as to being physically strong, a leader, and enforce discipline.

Nearly every place on earth has gender roles.

gender roles are roles that can be performed boys and girls while sex roles can be performed because of being male and female

There are no gender roles because everyone, women and men, are treated equal.

Gender has nothing to do with people's Buddha-nature, or their ability to reach Enlightenment.

Patriarch system, socialization, gender roles or triple roles, classes

Gender roles can result in unequal distribution of power

the roles of the men in women in the culture

That is basically when someone is not locked into gender roles.

The views of young adults of that society has the greatest influence in the future of gender roles.

Not in theory. However, in practice, Buddhism originated in patriarchal societies in southern Asia so that, historically, the role of women in the history of Buddhism has been less than fully recognized. Even so, the Buddha himself admitted women and men on an equal basis into his community of followers. .

It reinforces gender roles considered appropriate for one's sex.

Examples of gender roles would be the 25 hours a week a woman spends cleaning and cooking, and the 10 minutes that a man spends taking out the garbage. As you can see gender roles are often a bad idea.

How were the gender roles of white women reshaped and redefined during the Revolutionary eraHow were the gender roles of white women reshaped and redefined during the Revolutionary era

Society's "Gender Roles" are a touchy subject with many believing they should not exist.

gender roles affect most of our budies emotionally in most cases you find your self not concentrating thinking negatively

That refers to someone's physical sex, whether they have male or female reproductive parts. That is in contrast to gender identity, gender roles, or social gender. Gender identity is who you are inside from birth, and may be a function of neurology (how your brain is configured). Gender roles, gender expression, or social gender refer to social constructs and how someone fits into society in terms of gender.

well women are on the bottom....

-Theravada Buddhism -Mahayana Buddhism (Zen)

Well Gender Roles have changed by in the 1900's the woman started to vote and now in the 21st century they can vote and they have every right. roles= socially determined and accepted ways of acting (loosely..). Masculine= one who identifies as masculine. Feminine= one who identifies as feminine. Masculine gender roles, then, would be activities and expressions accepted by a majority of society to be "manly". Feminine gender roles, then, would be activities and expressions accepted by a majority of society to be "womanly". There are issues with this because not everyone falls into this gender binary. It's a harmful system.

pure-land buddhism zen buddhism buddhism ??

Gender identity is how you define your own gender, ie, a man or a woman. Gender roles are the set of societal norms that each gender generally abide by.

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