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If you are asking about traditional BB guns, Not Airsoft. Then the answer is basically one size .177 Cal. At one time the BB's were .175 Cal but that was in the past and the difference is so minimal that it does not matter.

Today's BB are made from Steel, Copper coated or Lead.

One Size Fits All.

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Q: Are there different size bb's for bb guns?
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Would all kinds of BB's work in a Red Ryder?

Most, if not all Red Ryder BB guns use .177 size BBs.

Are 12g bbs the same as 6 mm bb's?

it depends. 6mm is refuring to the bbs size. 12g is describing the weight of an bb

Can BB guns shoot airsoft pellets as soft as airsoft guns?

That depends on the power of your BB gun and ammo size. If your BB gun uses 6mm BBs, then yes, it can shoot normal airsoft BBs as well. However, BB guns are usually too powerful for the plastic airsoft BBs. If you fired a plastic airsoft BB in an average powered BB gun, the airsoft BB would break. This usually happens in your gun's barrel. If the BB cracks, it can cause internal damage to the gun. This is not good. Common problems that result from BBs breaking inside of a gun are- Loss of Accuracy, Loss of Power, and Loss of the gun's reliability. So the answer to your question is yes. You can fire Airsoft BBs out of a BB gun if they are the right side. However, it is not recommended that you do this because it can cause a lot of long term problems with you BB gun.

How do you shoot sears roebuck BB rifle Ware do BBs load at?

It would help if you stated the model. Sears sold several different BB guns.

Are bb guns illegal in Australia?

No. bb guns are not illegal in Australia but they do not sell bbs or bb guns in Australia so if you live here in Australia and you want a bb gun you have to order one from over seas and every time you run out of bbs you have to order them from overseas to so its all to hard so everyone in Australia just has capguns.

Can you shoot bb guns on private property?

if it is yours and the bbs stay on the property

Does the sears bb gun use a different size bb then the modern bb?

There WERE BB guns that used an .11 caliber BB, instead of the common .177 caliber, but unsure if Sears may have sold some of them. A standard BB will not fit in the barrel of the .11 caliber guns. Unfortunately, do not know of any company still making the miniatures. It is possible that individual pellets of birdshot MAY be usable- #6 is about .12 caliber, so would be smaller than that. MOST Sears BB guns used regular BBs.

Can you use 12 g airsoft bbs for a gun that uses 2 gs?

Yes. .12 grams is the weight of the BB, not the size. Almost all airsoft guns use 6mm BBs. .20 gram BBs are heavier and reduce distance and velocity, but increase accuracy. .12 gram BBs will fire with more velocity, but there will be more spin on the BB and less accuracy.

What are BBS?

BBs are the ammunition used in BB guns. They are tiny, lead shot projectiles in the shape of a sphere. The name BB comes from the size of the ammunition, which is usually .177 caliber or 4.5 millimeter. The sizes of lead shot used in shotgun shells were B, BB, and BBB. This middle sized piece of ammunition in what gave the gun its name.

What are the different airsoft bb sizes?

airsoft BBs and all 6mm. they are weighted at .12g (for cheap guns) .20g(mid level guns) .25g (mid to upper level) .30g .43g (upper level guns)

What is 'BB' stand for in BB Gun?

ball-bearing i thought it was a size comparision. there a b and bbb sized balls. BB guns shoot small BBS that are normally .177 caliber (4.5mm). a bb is a ball bearing that the gun shoots. the speeds vary from 200-1500 fps (feet per second.)

What is size of daisy bb in 2011?

BB's are all the same size .175 for all the BB guns.

How did bb guns get there name?

BB guns originally fired lead shot, in size BB (which is between B and BBB)

What are the different kinds of guns?

what are the different kinds of bb guns

Are bbs and airsoft pellets the same size?

No. Airsoft bb's are 6mm or .26 cal. Metal bb's are .177 cal

What do airsoft guns shoot out?

Airsoft guns mainly shoot 6mm plastic BBs. Lightweight or cheap BBs may shatter on impact. There are many different weights for BBs which normally range from .12g or .48g. BBs can also come in different colors which allow for different functions. Black BBs, normally the main choice for mil-sim players because neither the shooter or the target can normally see the BBS. This is pretty much the same case with all dark BBs. White BBs allow for the shooter to easily see his or her BBs and so can the target, allowing the shooter to adjust his shot and the target to dodge the BBs. There's also glow in the dark BBs, which will glow with the aide of a tracer suppressor. Many mil-sim players who are conducting an operation at night load 4 black BBs then one tracer BB, and repeat the process. For daytime use, they load 4 black BBs then a white BB. Airsoft guns also shoot 8mm BBs, though this is very uncommon and mainly used in 40mm grenade launcher (basically an undermounted shotgun designed to look like an m203 launcher and grenade) rounds so that there is the best chance of hitting a target.

You combine 50 milliliter of small bbs with 50 milliliter of large bbs and get a total of 90 milliliter of bbs of mixed size why?

because the small BB's lack of size cause the mixed size to be 90 mL instead of 100 mL

Are BB guns legal in Missouri?

BB guns are legal in all states. However some local laws have different restrictions on the use of BB guns.

Are BB guns illegal in Florida?

BB guns are legal in all states. However some local laws have different restrictions on the use of BB guns.

Does bb guns use the same bullets?

With VERY FEW exceptions all BB guns use the same size BB .177 Caliber.

Can you put plastic bbs in a metal bb gun?

If they are the correct size, you can. I would advise against it.

Are bb guns magnetic?

The part of the bold that touches the BB is, but the firing mechanism is pneumatic. If magnets could shoot bbs like that, then the US army would already be using railguns.

If you got a KWC Smith and Wesson Airsoft Gun and the instructions say don't use low quality bb's or it will damage the gun can you still buy bb's from Walmart and use them?

Which one is more expensive? Your airsoft guns or BBs? Buy only good quality BBs!

Do walmart sale bb guns for cheap?

Yes they sell BB guns but No they are no different than anyone else.

What does BB mean on a box of shotgun shells?

The letters BB indicate the size of the shot that is in the shotgun shell.This is telling you that your shot size in the shell is the same size as used in BB guns.

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