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Are there different types of computer processors If so how many and what are their names and brand names?



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There are onlu TWO types of processors. These are:

1. Intel 2. AMD

And of course there are some different processors that do different things, even though they are the same brand name. A Macintosh processor is different from a Windows processor, because the Macintosh processor (my opinion) is more powerful. There are also different processors for different for different types of technology. A PDA would have 64-bit processor, but they are under Intel. The United States is the only country that makes processors, both Intel and AMD. The specific types of processors are:

Intel: (These are the current ones that most people have) 1. Pentium Pro 2. Pentium II 3. Celeron (Pentium Based But More Powerful) 4. Pentium II Xeon 5. Pentium III 6. Pentium II and III Xeon 7. Celeron (New Generation, Pentium III Based) 8. Pentium 4 (Most common) 9. Pentium M 10. Intel Core 11. Dual Core Xeon LV 12. Intel Pentium Dual Core 13. Intel Core 2 14. Pentium Duo 15. Pentium Dual Core 16. Core 2 Quad 16. (Newest) Intel Pentuim 2 Dual Core Processor

Amd: (The Current One's) 1. AMD Athlon 2. AMD Athlon 64 3. AMD Athlon X2 4. AMD Athlon Xp 5. AMD Duron 6. AMD Sempron 7. AMD Turion 8. AMD Opteron 9. AMD Phenom 1.

The PowerPC processor (formerly used in some MacIntosh computers) is used in the Xbox 360, the Wii, and the PlayStation 3.

The most popular 32 bit processor (in terms of units sold) is the ARM processor.