Are there fulani in Sudan?

Fulani tribe is spreading all around Sudan and in huge masses .Their immigration to Sudan started since several hundred years after Islam spreading in the west Africa because the road to Mekka the most holly place of Muslims will not be near unless Fulani crossed Sudan to pass to visit Mekka ..In period of sheihk Osman Dan fodio uprising he told his folowers and believers to immigrate to Sudan so as to help Al mahdi when he appeares...So Fulani tribe groups were settling in masses between the year 1840/1895. And Almadi him self was sending messages to the leaders of fulani iespecialy Hayatu Ibn Saeed the grand sun of Sheikh Osman......After British army defeated Sokkoto sultanate /mbormy battle/ there was no any way for fulanis especially the leaders and the who were beleiving that they were to immigrate out of their home to avoid living with Britain colonizers .MAIRNU NEAR BY BLUE NILE RIVER was the first place and then many more others setlled and live north or south or west of Mairnu. .FOR exaple the space of about 50 kilom. length has more than 50 villages of fulani