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AnswerYes there is go to Avast there are others like avg but they suck i get my info solid from charts research and some virus computers i worked with


AVG8.0 is good free virus protection


You can also try Microsoft Security Essentials which is free, easy to use and efficient.

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Q: Are there good free virus protection downloads?
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Where can you download virus protection for computer virus removal?

A very good virus protection which is free for private use is the AntiVir programm from Avira. Mcafee has also a good anti-virus-programm which is for free use.

What are some good rated brands of free computer virus protection?

Good rated brands of free computer virus protection include McAfree, AVG Anti Virus, Panda Cloud Anti Virus, Avira Anti Virus and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Is there a good virus protection software available free?

There are a few virus protection softwares that work well when they are free. However, there are none that give you the full service protection you would recieve if it were paid in full.

Will downloads give your computer a virus?

A 36+ score is given on so I would say you are good to go.

Where can I get free virus protection and what good things does it do?

There is no one free virus protection out there that covers everything on your computer. If your just an average user I recommend these two to get you started; AVG Antivirus( and Spybot-Search and Destroy(

Free virus protection vs purchased?

Microsoft Security Essentials and Avast virus protection are two free solutions that are good for home computer needs. They are often more highly rated than paid antivirus solutions.

Is there any where online where I can download a reliable, non intrusive freee virus protection program?

There are several good free virus protection programs available for download. My personal suggestion would be to try AVG's free virus protection. There are several downloadable anti-virus programs for free. Try or

Is File compression a good antivirus protection?

yes. Its a good anti virus protection

What is a really good and free virus protection program one could use?

While this question is looking for an opinion and that makes this a question looking for a subjective answer (which is against the rules of the question task), some free anti virus protection programs are Avast and AVG, if you download the free version.

Where can one find free virus protection online?

One can find free virus protection online from AVG, McAfee Security Scan, House Call, Avira and Norton. Using one of these free sites is a good option for people who do not mind basic protection while dealing with display ads. One of the top rated free online sites is Avira.

Does Poptropica contain viruses?

no poptropica has no viruses. i have a laptop and it is still in good condition. i think poptropica is virus-free protection.

What is a good site for free music downloads? is.

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