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Get SOMETHING in WRITING!!!! A handwritten note signed by them is a CONTRACT! good luck :) There are some, they're generally called "fools". The contract can be written to protect the interests of the renter and the landlord. The contract just clarifies responsibilities. Don't consider it to always be a bad thing. Writing down the terms of the rental and having everyone sign it just makes things clear later.


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Yes, It has become the norm in the leasing industry. It's written into the leasing contract.

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Even if you do not have a written contract you still have a verbal contract if someone has agreed to rent you an apartment for a specific price. Verbal contracts are also enforceable (although not as easily as written contracts, since there may be no concrete evidence about what exactly was agreed). In any event, if you agreed to pay rent, then you do owe the rent that you agreed to pay, contract or no contract.

You do not HAVE to have an employment contract unless local law or regulations require it for your industry. It is advisable not to have an employment contract if you are not required to as lack of a contract preserves considerable authority and decision-making leeway for the employer.

An oral contract is a contract the terms of which have been agreed by spoken communication, in contrast to a written contract, where the contract is a written document. There may be written, or other physical evidence, of an oral contract - for example where the parties write down what they have agreed - but the contract itself is not a written one.In general, oral contracts are just as valid as written ones, but some jurisdictions either require a contract to be in writing in certain circumstances (for example where real property is being conveyed, or that a contract be evidenced in writing (though it may be oral). An example of the latter being the requirement that contract of guarantee be evidenced in writing that is found in the Statute of Frauds.Similarly, the limitation period prescribed for an action may be shorter for an oral contract than it is for a written one.The term verbal contract is sometimes incorrectly used as a synonym for oral contract. However, a verbal contract is one that is agreed to using words, either written or spoken, as opposed to an implied contract.[1]

Your wages can be garnished with a court order, but it does not require your agreement to do it. If you have agreed to it in a contract, then you have agreed to allow them to do it.

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A criminal background check is permissible if a prospective tenant grants the landlord / manager written permission to do so. That being said, most landlords do not look at criminal history as much as rental history and credit score.

the social contract was written in 1690

Oral contract means they can DODGE the contract. But the written contract they cannot do anything they should do what is in the contract.AnswerSometimes written contracts cannot hold up. It depends on many different things. Oral contracts can sometimes be as good as a written contract if there are witness to the verbal agreement.

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An agreement becomes a contract when there is an offer, acceptance and consideration. Absence of a written contract does not prevent a contract from being form. A contract can be both expressed or implied. Written or verbal.

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The specific term for the "act" of breaking a written contract is "breach."

First written contract in English made on the Mayflower in North America.

Yes, an unwritten contract can be legally binding if it can be proved that a contract exists between the parties. For instance, many tenants do not have a written lease or rental agreement with their landlords. But it's easy to prove that a contract exists because the tenant is renting the property and the landlord is accepting rent from the tenant. What is harder to establish, however, is what the exact terms of an oral contract are. That's why it is always advisable to put it in writing so that there is no question that a contract exists and both parties are clear on what their rights and obligations are.

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A written contract is an agreement written on paper by 2 or more people that is then signed by each person and is considered to be binding.

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The main parties to a contract are the people who sign the contract. Each party that signs the contract is bound by everything written in the contract.

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