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Theoretically a person who is at least 16-years of age can file a petition for emancipation rights in the appropriate court in the state in which they live. The reality is such petitions are very seldom granted, and those few that are can be modified or rescindable at the discretion of the court. Emancipation of minors is not as simple nor as permanent as it is often presumed to be.

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Q: Are there legal papers saying you can leave your house at 16?
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Is it legal to leave court papers at your doorstep instead of handing the to you?

You are confusing legal with proper civil procedure. It is legal to leave court papers at your doorstep. It is also legal to leave the newspaper. It is not considered personal service within the intent of the rules of civil procedure to leave court papers that are intended for personal service at the doorstep.

Is a switchblade legal in Ny?

its not legal in ny if you bring it with you .If your at your house and leave it there then its legal.

What is the legal age to leave your parents' house?

When you are 18.

How can a 14 year old girl from California leave her house legally because of family problems?

Well...she can go on the net to get adoption papers then mail them to someone who you believe can take care of you...when filled out you can leave with them and it should be legal. This is what i have heard....=)...but please consider this before you do it....

How old do you have to be to work in the cutting edge haunted house?

Same legal age to have working papers- 16.

How do you leave your house at fourteen?

you can get legal emancipated but you will have to go to court and your parents have to agree

Are child custody papers in Oklahoma legal in other states if you move?

The papers would be legal anywhere. In or out of country.

Can you avoid being served legal papers?

When someone is trying to serve you and you have been ID as that person they can leave the summons papers and you are considered served .Law enforcement has picture ID in many of their cars for this reason .

Can a 16 year old move out of there parents house legally?

no, unless they leave their parents home and go to a legal adult's house and that adult files as the minor's legal guardian

Is it legal if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

If your parents are not your biological parents and have adopted you and made themselves your legal guardians then they would have to have adoption papers or it wouldn't be legal.

How old do you have to be to leave your house in South Carolina?

The legal age of majority is 18. Unless you are 18 you will need parental consent or legal emancipation.

Can you get insurance on a vehicle you do not own?

If you have its papers I believe so. You have to have information on it and legal papers.

Can you live with a relative in another state with just your parents permission or do they have to sign papers?

Ill answer my own question...they just have to sign papers and have a legal witness stamp it..Im in my aunt's house now!! :D

Can you sign legal papers if you have a power of attorney?

Yes as long as the powers set forth in the POA extend to legal matters at hand. For example, some states had held that an agent under a POA did not have the right to sell the principal's real estate unless the POA said it specifically, sometimes even by requiring the address of the house to be recited in the POA. In that case, the agent could not sign legal papers selling the house of the principal.

What are civil papers?

Civil papers are a type of legal papers. There are several kinds of civil papers that include eviction, foreclosure, subpoena, and civil lawsuit.

Are you considered a runaway since your mom told you to leave the house?

No. And your mother has no legal right to ask you to leave until you are 18. If she kicked you out she is breaking the law.

Do you have to have permission to leave your parents house to go out?

well yes you are but you have to be home before the legal curfue of your state

Can you legally leave your house at age 16 in North Carolina?

No, the legal age of majority for the state is 18.

Your boyfriend is 17 and lives with your mom and you Is your mom considered his legal guardian?

she would only be his gardian if his parent or gardian signs legal papers saying 'yes my child is under this parents care blah blah blah' and so on

Can parents ask their child to leave home?

In most states, if the child is of legal age(18), you can ask. However, it is also the law that you can serve him/her with eviction papers...even if they do not pay rent. As a matter of legalities, it is their home too even if you own it. The eviction papers prove that your child is a legal adult and you can make him/her move out.

Are any legal papers needed to breed mice?

There are no legal papers but many requirements such as the number of mice and space that are allowed to occupy one cage

Are switchblade knives legal in Pennsylvania - Not Philadelphia?

Yes as long as you keep them in your house if put them in your pocket and leave the house it is automatically a crime. Hope this helped:)

What is legal age to leave kids at home alone in Alaska?

There is no legal age. You can leave them home alone at any age. Its your choice. But if they were to get into any trouble like calling prank calling 911 or lighting the house on fire your responsible

Is it legal for someone 17 years old to leave their house without their parents permission and live with their boyfriend that is 18?


What are the legal rights of a 16 year old in Washington state?

what happens if i leave the house without premission but on probation