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Are there many job opportunities for a massage therapist?

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I can answer this question for Germany and Thailand, I don't know the situation in the US. Generally, the better your education as a massage therapist the better your opportunities. There definetely is a growing demand for massage services and some people call it a "wellness boom". However, the other side is that there are much much more massage therapists out there now, and many more are being trained. So we're getting close to a saturation point. I think if you really like the work and are willing to study in your free time as well, then it's a great chance. If you just want to have an easy job where you can get to know lots of people chances are that there are enough people doing that already.

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How to you be successful as a massage therapist?

Be good at your job

What was phoebe's last job on friends?

Massage therapist!

What position what a massage therapist work in at a hospital?

Massage Therapists typically do not work in hospitals. A massage therapist is the title of the job, and they often work in a massage parlor and are referred to patients by a doctor.

What job category has the most advertisements for unfilled job opportunities?

pharmacy therapist

How does irritable bowel syndrome affect a massage therapist?

You get a certain massage, and it helps your bowels do their job easier

What does a massage therapist job application look like?

Are you good with your hands?

How much money dose a massage therapist earn?

Not much, but the job has other rewards. . .

What kind of training does one need for a massage therapist job?

One who wishes to become a massage therapist must first decide which field of massage they would like to enter. For example; Health massage, sports massage, Reiki massage. The Massage Training Institute (MTI) have a network of training centres according to which type of massage training one wishes to undertake.

What are the duties of a massage therapists?

There are many different types of massage therapy and many different services, depending on the facility that is offering them. The duties of the massage therapist would be predicated on the specific job description. This site describes the scope of massage therapy:

Massage therapist job description?

There are two main duties when it comes to a massage therapist's job description. One is to relieve the client from their discomfort and two would be to relax the muscles and tension.

How much education does a massage therapists need?

A person who wants to be a massage therapist will at least 650 credits of classwork and on the job training. They will also need to pass a licensing exam.

How much a does a massage therapist earn?

Earnings vary for a massage therapist. Keep in mind a massage therapist does not do 40 hours of massage each week. When you see the potential earnings for massage therapists being computed by job search sites they scew the numbers because they tend to multiply the hourly rate times 40. A full time massage therapist may perform anywhere from 15 to 25 hours of massage per week. Some weeks/months may be busier than others. Here is a resource from a survey to see what the average income was in 2005: They show $18,950 as the average massage related income in 2005.

Do you need good grades to become a massage therapist?

yes of course you would need grades to get that job maybe even any job except dumb jobs

What is the job description for a Massage Therapist?

According to the Massage Therapy Act 1991, a massage therapist's job description is "The practice of massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain.

What kind of job training opportunities are there in Orlando Florida?

Orlando, Florida has many job training opportunities available at this time. According to Career Builder the following fields have training opportunities: medical billing/coding, aviation technician, massage therapy, probation worker, medical administrative assistant, surgical technician, and paralegal/legal assistant. These are some great opportunities.

What is Registered Massage Therapist income in Vancouver?

They make around $32.60 an hour. Massage therapists work long hours on their feet and it is an extremely physically demanding job. They make more at times from tips.

Do you need to be Nationally Certified as a massage therapist to work on a cruise ship?

It is not required but if you do have a National Certificate then you have a better chance to get a job on a cruise ship. Be ready for 10 hours of massage every weekday though.

What are the job requirements for becoming a therapist?

First, there are many types of therapists. There are physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, speech-language therapists, massage therapists, etc. Each have requirements particular to themselves After you define the specific kind of therapist, then you can obtain the information you need.

Why did many former slaves migrate to southern cities?

They offered more job opportunities

Job opportunities for women in the 1920s?

There were not many job opportunities for women in the 1920's. Many women were housekeepers, child caretakers, or house wives.

What kind of job can you get with an associates degree in science?

The possibilities are numerous and cover many job types and include retail manager, massage therapist, corrections officer, construction manager, operations manager, secretary, nurse, receptionist, dental hygenist, and engineering technician.

Yong is a massage therapist. Which field of science would Yong most likely need to know the most about in order to do his job?

There is not any one field of science Yong would need to know. Massage therapist courses would probably include anatomy, physiology and kinesiology.

What is a happy ending massage?

massage with a hand job

What are some job for a massage therapy?

massage people backs

Licensed Massage Therapists Enjoy Specialization and Varied Career Opportunities?

Many working professionals are going back to school to earn their degrees in massage therapy. Career opportunities in massage therapy continue to open, so many people are changing careers in order to enter the field. For people tired of working in an office job, massage therapy provides an opportunity to pursue what the love. Licensed massage therapists have the opportunity to specialize in one area of massage, work with a practice or even to open their own clinic. Before they've even earned their licenses, most therapists choose a particular area of massage to specialize in. They will continue to practice this type of massage throughout their careers, often joining practices that are already dedicated to the same field. Some licensed massage therapists choose to work in the traditional form of Swedish massage, which is a basic form that focuses on relaxation. Other therapists choose deep tissue massage or sports massage, which is the best kind for people who suffer from chronic pain or injuries. After choosing a particular type of massage, licensed massage therapists will often go on to work in an already established clinic with other therapists in the same field. These clinics are a great opportunity for a therapist looking to begin building his or her career. Working with other therapists is a great chance for an individual to learn more massage, while also enjoying the same type of job security that a traditional office job could provide. Additionally, therapists working in a clinic may have the opportunity to see how the clinic runs before trying to open their own practice. Other licensed massage therapists choose to open their own clinics right after they finish their certifications. Therapists who open their own practices often have an entrepreneurial spirit and are not interested in working for someone else. Though there may be more risk associated with the business aspect of the clinic, owning a practice can be a rewarding opportunity for therapist to build his or her own company. Many licensed massage therapists choose this path because it allows them to immerse themselves even further in promoting the art of massage.

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