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I would say cars because just go into a city and just look around thats all you will see

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Q: Are there more cars or bicycles in the world?
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What are some refutes of why bicycles are better than cars?

Bicycles give you more gas mileage.

Are more cars being used then bicycles?

Depends on where you're at. In Europe and North America - certainly. Some parts of Asia probably have more bicycles and scooters than cars though.

How do bicycles reduce pollution in the environment?

The more people use bicycles then the fewer drive cars. This will reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Were bicycles invented before cars?


Who sells most bicycles in the world?

The country of China, even though many are switching to cars.

How does the efficiency of cars compare to the efficiency of bicycles?

Bicycles are a lot more efficient than cars. On a bike 95-98% of the added energy is directly translated into forward motion, while a car would be lucky to reach 40%. While cars are definitely a faster way of transportation compared to bicycles, bicycles would probably be more efficient. Cars are very expensive and you must pay for gas. You also have to account for the distance and if its necessary to have a car for where you need to travel.

What are B-batteries mostly used for?

Cars and bicycles.

What weren't the Jews allowed to own?

bicycles and cars

In China are there more bicycles in use or automobiles?

More bicycles

Solutions for air polution?

you can drive less and you can ride your bicycles and do more walking. Drive smart cars and make sure the cars are leaking less gas.

Approximately how many bicycles are in the world?

200 bicycles

What has more injuries trampolines or bicycles?

bicycles, because there are more of them by far.

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