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Are there more crips than bloods?


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nah there are more bloods than crips in los Vegas 11,123


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Crips and Bloods have united, they are now fighting M13.

nah theres more crips overall

Crips are on the southside Bloods on the westcoast

Crips are more clever than bloods but blood are more violent.

Bloods & Crips: Made in America movie.

Bloods B forget crips they suck!

The Crips used to out-number the Bloods in large numbers. But nowdays it depends on where ur at, in certain areas Bloods out-number the Crips, and in other areas the Crips out-number the Bloods.

Crips and Bloods were color gangs. Crips represented blue, while bloods represented red. They were gangs that originated in Los Angeles. Crips were formed first, then the Bloods were formed in reaction.

The Bloods & The Crips not getting along dates back to the late 1960's. The Crips got their start before the Bloods in 1969 & although the Bloods gang didn't exist until 1972, there were smaller block gangs that the Crips used to fight with, because the Crips had more power and were more organized at the time, well eventually those smaller block gangs banned together and formed what is now known as the Bloods gang, to battle the Crips gang.

Crips and BloodsWho is better between the Crips and Bloods is a matter of opinion that would be based on what the definition of better is. The debate could go on forever.

2pac was in bloods eazy-e was in crips the two kings of rap

With the Bloods & the Crips, nobody really wins, it's an on-going war.

The Crips started in the 1960's and the Bloods started in the 1970's. The Crips used to outnumber the Bloods but nowadays they both have large numbers.

they are all crips no bloods cuz no one likes bloods stupid bloods they eat crap for a living

Crips are popular and bloods are slobs and they are stupd niggas

Crips outnumber Bloods 2:1 in the greater Los Angeles area.

bloods will lose because crips r gangsta

There are no Crips nor Bloods in Chicago, IL. The Folk & People Nation gangs are the only gangs in Chicago, IL. Crips are NOT in the Folk Nation nor are Bloods in the People Nation. Real Crips DON'T ride the 6 nor do real BLOODS ride the 5...... To answer your question NO there are NO Crips and there are NO Bloods in Chicago.

Not everyone will agree about whether the Crips or Bloods are better. Some will say Crips and some will say Bloods. Some will say gangs are not good no matter what the name of the gang is.

the crips are a gang that are in the area of LA which are the enemies of the bloods.

Crips are real. Their enemies are Folks and Bloods.

blood and crips made in America

They fight because they don't like the colors each of them are wearing. The bloods are red and the Crips are blue.

Bloods-"Blood N*gg*" by Jay Rock, Crips-"If U Crip Throw It Up".

im a blood but i think that bloods and crips are equal in strength and size, alot of people will say that the gang there in or represent is better and stronger but in my opinion they are equal because crips have kicked bloods ass and bloods have kicked crips ass so yea that's my answer.

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