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One of the few natural ways to stimulate labor that actually works is sexual intercourse. Seminal fluid contains prostaglandins, the same hormonal substances used by doctors to for cervical preparation and stimulation of contractions.

Sexual intercourse should be avoided if the membranes are ruptures (bag of waters has broken) or if there has been a problem with bleeding in pregnancy (placenta previa, etc.). If you are not sure if it is safe, ask your doctor or midwife.

Folk remedies should probably be avoided. Castor oil generally just causes diarrhea and abdominal pain without actually bringing on labor. It can also cause dehydration, which is not good for either other or baby. **Actually, while castor oil causes all of the symptoms above, they have been used by mid-wives for decades and are effective. The castor oil stimulates the intestines to contract which stimulates the uterus to contract as well.**

Packaged herbal supplements are not regulated by any agency, and one never knows what is in them. Sоme have been shown to contain the wrong herbs, dangerous herbs, different concentrations than those listed, and (especially those from China) heavy metal and pesticide contamination.

Other folk remedies/suggestions include walking (not been shown to be effective, but useful as a comfort measure), nipple stimulation (minimal data, generally does not support, but may be helpful), and acupuncture (no data). They're all probably safe alternatives, although not necessarily effective.

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Q: Are there natural ways to bring on labor?
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