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Yes, Firefox and Google Chrome are other Web Browsers. You can download them for free.

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What are Microsoft browsers?

Following are the Microsoft browsers All version of Internet Explorer . like Internet Explorer 5.0 Internet Explorer 5.5 Internet Explorer 6.0 Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer 8

What do you call programs like Firefox and Internet Explorer?

Programs like Firefox and Internet Explorer are web browsers or internet browsers used to access world wide web.

Why internet explorer cant display the webpages?

Internet Explorer does not have the proper plugins to show webpages. Other browsers like Chrome are able to show all.

Are there more browsers like Firefox?

There is a browser which is like Firefox. It's called Flock. You can download it: Other good browsers: Internet Explorer 8 Opera Safari

What are Software programs like internet explorer and Firefox are called?

web browsers

What are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome?

web browsers, like Microsoft Internet Explorer.

What is an unsupported browser?

only internet explorer is allowed in some sites and other browsers cannot be used like fire fox and opera

Is internet explorer 6.0 edition GUI or tui?

In 2006, all major Web browsers were using graphical user interfaces (GUI), starting with Internet Explorer 7.0. Previous versions of Internet Explorer, including 6.0, were based on other formats like TUI.

Can you have multiple web browsers?

Yes. They are merely programs like any other. For example, Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera etc. (Use Firefox)

What is browser name three?

a browser aids in surfing the internet and your computer, it opens web pages like this one three web browsers are safari google chrome (the best) and fire fox or internet explorer computer browsers can be windows explorer

What is a browser and what does it do?

The browser is basically what you use to look at the internet. Browsers are things like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etcetera. I personally like Chrome.

What is msn explorer used for?

MSN explorer is an internet browser used to brows the internet. You can link MSN products together to make their use simplier. It is just like all the other browsers out there. Each one has something slightly different from the other and they all proform the same functions.

When would a user use the favorite option in Internet explorer?

Many internet users use the favorite option in browsers like Internet Explorer. This option allows individuals to save their favorite sites so they can easily return to them.

What is safari on the itouch?

It is a version of Apple's web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome are other web browsers) designed for mobile devices like the iPod Touch and the iPhone.

How do you open two face book accounts on one computer?

use two different browsers like internet explorer and firefox

What appliclication do you need to run HTML?

HTML is not a program, so it is not run like a program is. HTML is rendered, by browsers, like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.

What are all of the internet service thingys such as Firefox or opera or safari or internet explorer or Google Chrome?

All are browsers, it is an interface for you to share the information with the world. A browser is just like a tire in a car.

Can you access the internet other than Google Chrome?

Yes, you can access internet other than Chrome. There are a lot of browsers like Mozilla, Firefox etc.

What software do you need to connect to the internet?

if you are using windows, you will find a program called "Internet Explorer" IE that you can connect to the web through it, we called it "web browser". There are many several browsers like "Firefox" and "Google Chrome"

What is the main function of the internet explorer?

Internet Explorer is Microsoft's web browser. Like any other web browser, its main function is to display hypertext pages.

How is internet explorer and windows explorer different?

Internet explorer can only browse the internet ( like the name says), explorer only files on your computer or the network or extern drives.

Do adobe flash players cost money?

The Adobe Flash player, formerly Macromedia Flash, is a free plug in for internet browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. To create content or a flash animation requires paying for the production software.

Which software program acts as an interface between the user and www?

There called Browsers. Like FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Opera. They give a user a GUI so they can have a full interface to see the web.

What is the difference between an Internet explorer and an Internet browser?

Internet Explorer is a program known as an internet browser (like firefox, safari, netscape, etc.)

Is Internet Explorer an ISP?

The short answer: no. An ISP is an Internet Service Provider, which they are not. Internet Explorer is a web browser, like Firefox or Chrome.