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One possible solution might be using an external USB Hard Disk, however it would require a bit of Outlook configuration on your behalf. Outlook really doesn't have a "synchronization" other than perhaps using offline folders with an enterprise Exchange server. If you are looking to keep two different installations of Outook in step, you're probably best off performing an export/import of an Outlook .PST file to/from each occurrence using the portable external USB drive. You could also try setting up offline folders for both installations, defining the portable external USB drive as the location for your .OST file. I'm really not sure how well that would work as I've never tried that scenario.

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Do portable hard drives work for every laptop?

Not all portable hard drives work with every laptop. Some portable hard drives are formated for specific types of laptops. For example a portable hard drive that is formated for a Mac cannot be used with a windows laptop

Are hard drives portable?

yes... certainly...

How do the portable hard drives work?

Portable hard drives work by interfacing with whichever computer they are connected to. In most cases, this connection is established by USB. Once the portable drives are connected they allow the user access to the data contained on it and the drive's storage capacity.

Portable storage device that has read write capabilities?

Now a days every storage disk drive is portable.. You can have portable hard disk, cd/dvd drives and floppy drives.. All are having a USB interface..

Is a flash drive portable?

Yes. All Flash drives are portable. They come at a size of about 5 cm.

Can you use portable USB CD DVD drives for gaming?


Comparing flash drives and Zip drives, which is less prone to data loss?

Zip drives have less of a chance of losing data but no where near as portable.

What are some brands of portable hard drives?

There are many brands of portable hard drives on the market today. These include Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, as well as Transcend, Verbatim and Silicon Power.

Storage device that you plug into a USB?

Portable & External Hard Drives.

What is small portable memory device of computer?

They are called flash drives.

What is the difference between the Toshiba e05a100pbu3xw and e05a100pbu3xs portable drives?

the color

Why are floppy disks much less popular as a portable storage system and what replaced them?

cd-rom..portable flash drives..memory cards..most new computers do not have floppy disk drives..mine does not

What are 2 examples of Portable computer storage devices?

Solid state Flash drives USB Hard disks drives

Images of portable hard drive?

The question IS answered. Look at related links for pictures of 2 portable hard drives and 1 portable (but smaller) Flash Drive.

Is an internal hard disk portable?

It can be made portable, but would have to be physically removed from one computer and installed in another one. So they are not generally used in that manner.External hard drives are the drives associated with portability.

What type of drives can be used to store data?

Portable drives (flash drive/jump drive) can also serve as storage devices.

Do external hard drives fit in a pocket?

There are many portable external hard drives which would fit into most standard size pockets.

What is a JAZZ drive?

A Jazz drive is similar to a Zip drive. Jazz drives are external storage devices that use cartridges to store information on. With portable hard drives and flash drives available, the Jazz drives are obsolete.

What you need to back up your files?

Portable hard drives, CD, DVD, BRD.

Is a floppy disk 3.5 inch portable or fixed?

Floppy disk may be of any type is always portable, however the floppy disk "drives" are fixed.

How should I upgrade a memory?

There are different types of hard drives. One is portable the other is integrated. The portable is more expensive than the integrated, but it is easier to use.

Where could one buy portable hard drives for a laptop?

Portable hard drives, sometimes called an external hdd are available from places like Amazon, Target, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, Fry's Electronics, Newegg and Tiger Direct. Portable hdd are getting to be less expensive these days, even 1tb models.

What is the Main Disadvantages for a internal hard drive?

Internal Hard Drives often have more security threats than External hard drives. Also, they aren't portable

What is the memory capacity of an external or portable drives?

It can range from half a gigabyte to 2 terabytes, and anywhere in between.

What is the benefit of using jump drives?

Jump drives are also called flash drives or memory sticks. The benefits of these are that they are easily portable from one computer to another so allows you to copy information if there isn't a network connection present.