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Are there private loans that don't require a cosigner or a minimum income?

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What income levels are needed to get Private School loans?

Many school loans don't have income requirements. This is because many students are not working. You generally don't need an income level to get a Private School loan but you do on the otherhand need a cosigner to get the loan approved.

Am I eligible for alternative student loans?

Most private student loans applicants are required to have a cosigner, especially undergraduates or students who don'tt have a steady income or credit history. The cosigner is required to sign the loan document, but the student is the primary borrower. By signing, the cosigner agrees to be fully responsible for repaying the loan if the student does not fulfill his or her obligations.

What could happen to a cosigner if the income taxes were not done on a property?

Property does not have an income tax return.

Minimum income to qualify for Medicare?

There is no minimum income requirement for Medicare.

What are private student loans?

The private student loans are the loans arranged by the student through any of the private banks at a fixed interest rate. To apply to these private student loans you need a cosigner unless your credit rating is too good and you have a source of income.

Do you always need a cosigner?

A cosigner is needed when the primary borrower does not, for whatever reason, (age, income, credit rating, etc.) does not qualify for a loan on their own merit.

What are minimum income requirements for Medicaid?

Medicaid is health care for indigent persons, so there is no minimum income requirement.

Does a cosigner with good credit have to be currently employed?

Not necessarily, but he or she must have a verifiable and acceptable source of income.

Can a person on ss be a cosigner?

Yes, it's income but need good credit & enough to qualify.

Do you need a cosigner to have your own credit card?

No. Credit card companies will not give to people who have no income.

What is the maximum percent a creditor can garnish from your gross income in the state of MO?

I make $600 a month can a collection agency require a minimum of $200 a month.

Minimum income for an NFL football player?

200,000 league minimum

What is vanna white's income?

Vanna White's income is private

What does a cosigner have to to have?

A cosigner must have good credit, a reliable income and the willingness to sign for another individual. Cosigners help primary borrowers build a good credit history, along with on-time payments.

Minimum income to file taxes?

There is not a minimum income one must have in order to file taxes. Anyone can file taxes if they want.

What is the minimum income needed to claim a dependent?

Isn't any minimum or maximum.

What is the yearly minimum income of a BUSINESS needed to pay income taxes?


Does the government offer private school loans for low income families?

They will not offer private loans for low income families. You will have to get a private loan to be able to go to school.

When you get a loan modification do they verify income?

Yes. Any time the bank modifies a mortgage it will require income verification.Yes. Any time the bank modifies a mortgage it will require income verification.Yes. Any time the bank modifies a mortgage it will require income verification.Yes. Any time the bank modifies a mortgage it will require income verification.

What is difference between Personal income and Private income?

Personal income: -It is the sum total of earned income and transfer incomes received by persons from all sources within and outside the country.Personal income = private income - corporate tax -corporate savings (undistributed profit)Private income: consists of factor income and transfer income received from all sources by private sectors within and outside the country.Source:

What is the minimum NFL income?

Veterans or Rookie????

What is the minimum amount for filing taxes over 65?

what is the minimum amount of income that is required to file Alabama state income tax if I am over 65

What is th minimum yearly income needed to pay income tax in Texas?

Texas has NO state income tax

What score can you have to buy a new car?

It depends on the dealer you are buying from. Some 'buy here, pay here' lots only require that you have a job with minimum income, no credit required.

Does the baptist faith require partial income of followers?

No the baptist faith does NOT require a partial amount of any followers or members income.