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Yes there are repair kits for fixing blinds

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โˆ™ 2009-10-07 01:28:37
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Q: Are there repair kits available to fix broken blinds?
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Are there repair kits for the Nintendo Game Cube?

Although there are no officially sanctioned repair kits there are third party kits available for sale online and replacement parts for repairs.

Where can one find some fine thread repair kits?

Fine thread repair kits may be purchased from a retailer in the car repair business. Alternatively there are fine thread repair kits available on Amazon or Newegg for approximately $30.

Are there kits available for restoring older window shutters?

They do offer a rotted wood repair kit.

Can you repaired a scratched camera lens yourself?

There are kits available that will repair scratched lenses on cameras and glasses.

What companies offer repair services for a broken iPod?

There appear to be a number of places where one can get a broken iPod repaired. There are sites such as "icracked" that offers on demand repair, mail in repair or do it yourself repair kits. There is also a company called Digi Express that does repair for iPods and more information can be found on their site.

What does a coolant replacement kit for a window-air conditioner cost?

Kits for automobiles are available, kits for window air conditioners are not. You will need to take it to a repair shop or replace it.

How can one repair a projector screen tear without replacing the whole thing?

Consult with the screens manufacturer. They usually have repair kits available for just such a purpose.

Are there Nintendo DS repair kits that are sold at Best Buy?

Best Buy doesn't sell Nintendo Ds repair kits they do sell Nintendo Ds accessory kits and cleaning kits.

What is the best way to handle a windshield crack repair?

There are windshield repair kits available to fix this your self. How ever if you do not feel comfortable doing this your self you can find a company who will do it for you and provide a lifetime warrenty on the repair.

What cleaning kits are there for cleaning wooden blinds?

A sushi kit or the brand Blind Brite is good

How can you fix a stripped screw thread in block?

Thread repair kits are available from your local auto parts store. They come with directions.

How do you repair a headlight motor for a 1988 Pontiac Fiero?

There are repair pieces and kits available from The Fiero store. There are also repair kits for specific problems (bushings etc) available from several sellers on E bay Basically remove Assembly from car, remove motor from assembly, drill out rivets, replace faulty parts, bolt back together with supplied bolts and nuts.

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