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There are some cities, such as San Francisco, that have rent control laws. For specific information applicable to your situation, you will need to check the laws in the municipality in which you live.

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Can a landlord collect rent on bankrupt home when he has not been making payments to bank?

That would be a matter that's between the landlord and the lender or bankruptcy trustee, not the tenant. As long as the landlord has control of the property he still has the right to collect rent and evict you if the rent isn't paid. If the property is taken over by a new entity, that entity becomes your landlord and they will give you further instructions.

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Can you get your rent back if there is mold in your apartment?

Depends on the landlord tenant act for your state. Is the landlord making efforts to remove it? Is the mold present in other apartments? Consider contacting an attorney if you are having significant problems because of the mold.

Does the landlord need to know when you file chapter 7?

Not necessarily if you are already in a lease and making your rent payments on time. It is, however, not hard to find out if a person has filed for bankruptcy if your landlord runs your credit or checks because it is a public record.

Is it okay for our landlord to have us pay last month's rent and security deposit to the departing tenants instead of him?

Yes, that might be fine. You should get something in writing from the landlord, in lieu of a receipt, making it clear that that's what you're doing.

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Can a landlord evict a guest for a noise complaint if the tenant was causing the noise?

Yes. If a tenant is not in the habit of making a lot of noise then the landlord would not have much grounds to evict them. However, if a tenant is a problem for other renters, how a landlord evicts someone depends on the state in which he lives. Usually, a landlord could evict a person even if they have a lease for violating city codes for noise. A landlord would be wise to put such stipulations in their leases. This is based on the number of complaints the police receive concerning the noise or the number of complaints a landlord receives. In some states, all a landlord has to do is send a registered letter to the tenant notifying them of the complaint and that they are on notice to cease and desist or face eviction. If the tenant continues to bother others with their noise, then the landlord can notify the Sheriff's Department to evict the tenant. Of course this will not prevent the tenant from taking the landlord to court. This is why the landlord needs to keep good records and copies of police reports concerning the tenant to use in court.

Where can you find a sample of an HOA approval letter for home improvements?

If you need assistance in crafting such an approval letter, best practices dictate that you work with association counsel, so that the owner and the board follow the governing documents and the requirements therein for making improvements.

Complaint to Landlord?

Get StartedBefore sending a written complaint to your Landlord, you should examine your lease carefully for a clause that allocates the Tenant's and Landlord's respective obligations regarding maintenance and repairs. Your lease agreement may provide, for example, that the Tenant is obligated to maintain the interior and paint, while the Landlord is obligated to maintain the plumbing, heating, and electrical wiring. Before making a request to the Landlord for maintenance and repairs, you should make sure that your Landlord is obligated to make such repairs under the terms of the lease.In order to obligate your Landlord to make a repair or resolve a problem with the leased premises, the Landlord must know about the problem. Notice to an agent or employee of the Landlord is considered notice to the Landlord. However, it is advisable to send your notice directly to the person or entity listed in your lease agreement as the party designated to receive notices from the Tenant.The best way to give a Landlord notice is to send written notice to the Landlord or his or her agent by registered or certified mail. Proof of mailing insures that the Landlord cannot later claim that notice was not received.You may also contact the Landlord by telephone to describe the problem. However, you should follow up the telephone conversation with this letter. The Landlord must have a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem.

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