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Q: Are there saber-toothed tigers body lying around?
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What is the color of a tigers fur?

A tigers fur is normally orange with black stripes going around its body

What doe tigers look like?

Tigers look like.... They are big. They have fur around their head. They stripes around their enourmous body and they have little teeth that is between their big sharp teeth.

Can Bengal tigers regenerate body parts?

Tigers cannot regenerate their body parts.

How do tigers protect their babies?

They protect their babies with their body and their teeth. They can also run while carrying them with their teeth. They sleep lying almost on top of them to help shelter them from the elements and predators.

How do tigers talk to other tigers?

With body language and sound.

What are a tigers internal body parts?

Tigers have for the most part the same body parts as other mammals....

How do Amur tigers survive?

Amur tigers (Or Siberian Tigers) survive in Siberia and eastern Russia by that long fur they carry around on their body and paws. It usually keeps them stealthy when hunting, and keeps them warm in the snowy region of Siberia

What name is bones lying in the center of the body?


What are bones lying in the centre of the body called?


What happens when blood it pumped to the body?

It drops to the lowest part of a body, so if the body is lying on its back, blood pools in the tissues around the spine, back of the head, and back of the legs. If a body is propped onto one side

Is it normal to be 12 and lying on the floor and fell a thumping by your belly button?

Yes, it's called your can feel it all around your body.

What are people killing tigers for?

people are killing tigers for there skin and there body parts for our medication

How do tigers clean themselves?

tigers clean themselves by licking the dirty parts of their body

Is The supine position that in which the body is lying face-up?

Yes, a supine person is on her back lying face-up.

How many bones in a tigers body?


What is white tigers body covering?


Why do tigers exhist?

God did it no body knows or do they

Which part of the tigers body do they eat with?

Their mouths.

Why is your pulse different lying down than when you are standing?

When you are lying down your pulse rate is much slower because your body is not having to work as hard to pump blood around your body. When you are standing your heart has to work much harder to got blood all around the body and it has to work against gravity to get blood to your head which makes your pulse rate much faster. This is also the case for when you are sitting down.

What do tigers lock like?

Tigers are the biggest cat, over 600 pounds in some cases. They are heavily muscled, and the body and head are striped. The face has a ruff of fur around it, more pronounced in males.

How are tigers endagerd animals?

Tigers suffer from loss of habitat, and poachers take them for body parts.

Are tigers ectothermic or endothermic?

ectothermic because of their body heat and body mass

What kind of body type is a tiger's?

Tigers body is stocky and full of muscles

Tigers name of the body parts?

head, legs, tail, feet, body

What is the body covering of a Bengal tiger?

The Bengal Tigers body covering is their fur.