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All US dimes, quarters, and half dollars dated 1964 or earlier are 90% silver and at silver prices from 06/2008 are worth at least 12X their face value. Depending on the date and mint mark, they could also be worth more than that as a collectible. You have to know those specific details before an exact value can be determined.

Kennedy halves from 1965 through 1970 are 40% silver and worth about $3 apiece. Nickels minted from October 1942 through 1945 are 35% silver and worth about 60 cents for the silver in them. They can easily be spotted by the large mintmark over the dome of Monticello. Some proof and special uncirculated sets have been minted on 90% or 40% planchets since 1964, but you will not find them in your pocket change and they are (almost) always worth more as collectibles than as silver bullion.

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Q: Are there silver Roosevelt dimes or Jefferson nickels and if so what years and are they worth anything?
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Do 2004 Jefferson peace treaty nickels have any silver?

No they do not, the ONLY nickels to have any silver are the "War Nickels" from late 1942 to 1946

Are nickels from 1964 silver?

No they are not silver, only the 1942 through 1945 nickels with large reverse mintmarks are 35% silver.The only US nickels to have silver are the "War Nickels" of 1942-1945 so a 1964 Jefferson nickel has no silver.

How much silver is in a jefferson nickel?

The "War Nickels" struck from late 1942 to 1945 are 35% silver. These are the only nickels to have any silver.

Are Jefferson nickels before 1964 made of silver?


What is the silver content of 1929 buffalo nickel?

No Buffalo nickels were struck in silver, only the Jefferson "War Nickels" from 1942 to 1945 have any silver in them.

What is the silver content of a 1936 buffalo nickel?

No Buffalo nickels were struck in silver, only the Jefferson "War Nickels" from 1942 to 1945 have any silver in them.

Are US Harris Liberty Nickels made of silver?

Sorry, no such coin as a "US Harris Liberty Nickel" The ONLY US nickels to have silver in them are the Jefferson "War Nickels" from late 1942 through 1945 and those were 35% silver.

What is the value of a 1924 silver buffalo nickel?

Sorry, no Buffalo Nickels were ever struck in silver. All buffalo nickels were made of an alloy of copper and nickel, just like modern Jefferson nickels. Please see the Related Question for more information.

1964 silver nickel?

Nickels that year weren't made of silver. There was no change in metal composition in nickels in the 1960s. The only nickels that do contain silver are those minted between 1942 and '45. Anything post-war is only worth face value.

Is nickel silver silverware worth anything?

Nickels from the WWII Years did partially have silver in them. One is worth $1.75

What is the value of a 1968 silver nickel?

The only nickels to contain silver were the so-called war nickels minted from mid-1942 to 1945. Other post-1950 Jefferson nickels are worth face value unless they're in uncirculated or proof condition.

Are 1960-1964 silver nickels worth anything?

If there were such a coin, it would be priceless. But all nickels except the famous WWII "war nickels" are made of cupronickel, and don't contain any silver. Nickels from the early 1960s are quite common and have no added value.

Are the nickels in 1930 made of silver?

No, the only US nickels to have silver are the "War Nickels" from 1942 to 1945

How much is 70 pure silver nickels worth?

No US nickels have ever been pure silver, the "war nickels" of 1942-1945 are 35% silver and are the only nickels to have any silver. Post new question.

Is a 1950 nickel worth anything in silver content?

No, they do not contain any silver. Only nickels made from 1942 until 1945 contain silver.

Are any new silver nickels?

None of the new US nickels are silver.

How much are nickels dated 1941-1945 worth?

16 different Jefferson nickels are in this span of dates, 11 are 35% silver, 5 are cppper-nickel. Post new question.

How much silver in war time nickels?

War Nickels contain 35% silver or 0.05626oz of silver.

How do you tell a silver nickel from a regular nickel?

By the date. The Jefferson nickels were made from a copper, silver and manganese alloy during World War II: 1942-1945

What was the last year for US silver nickels?

The only US nickels to ever contain any silver are the "war" nickels of 1942-1945. Note: some '42 nickels were still made of copper and nickel instead of silver. War nickels are easily distinguished by the large mint mark on the back. No Buffalo or Liberty nickels were silver.

Do any of the 1960's nickels have silver in them?

Not a one. Nor do any nickels from the 1950s, 1930s, 1920s, or anything earlier. Nickels have been made of the same copper/nickel blend since they were first introduced in 1866. The one exception are the WWII-era war nickels (1945-1945) which contain 35% silver.

How much is a silver 1940 nickel worth?

The only years US nickels were struck in silver was 1942-1945. 1940 Jefferson nickels are still found in circulation, depending on condition and mintmark it may be worth 10 cents but likely is face value.

How much silver in a 1944 buffalo nickel?

Buffalo nickels stopped being minted in 1938. If you're referring to a '44 Jefferson war nickel, then it contains 35% silver.

What elements are Jefferson nickels made of?

Nearly all US nickels are made of an alloy of 75% copper and 25% nickel. The only exception occurred during WWII. From mid-1942 to 1945 nickels did contain a small amount of silver because nickel metal was needed for the war effort. Those "war nickels" are the ONLY ones that have any silver in them.

Are buffalo nickels made of silver?

None of the Buffalo nickels (1913-1938) were struck in silver.

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