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there are exterior stick on lights that will do fine in that moisture


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Dashboard lights and stick shift lights are fixable by changing blown fuses and replacing them with new fuses. Many automobiles have several fuses that operate the dashboard and stick shift lights.

A problem in the fuel line could cause it to stall. On a stick shift, letting off the clutch too soon would cause the vehicle to stall.

Haha I doubt that there is any "official" answer for this but I would have to say that the wind caused by the falling water would cause the shower curtain to blow back and forth. Shower curtains are also made to stick to water so that they will stick to the bath tub so I guess if your legs are wet, it will stick to them too.

Check your transmission fluid level and also if the gear chamber is not well greased then it will make them stick causing the vehicle to stall.

if its a stick shift and ur shifting it wrong then mabye that's why

Stick with the factory offering.

1. Eww, don't stick your tongue out! That's not appropriate! 2. The town will appropriate funds to begin building the new college.

This can only happen to shift stick cars, and how this happens is that the gears grind together!

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Press S and appropriate arrow key

overheating it would. Or if it was stick not being in the right gear trying to find the system causing it would help, if the air intake or filter was so clogged it couldn't suck air it could stall, and low fuel pressure could also make it stall rather slowly. Bad electrical connections could cause a quicker stall.

There are numerous types of lights that can be used. Flashlights and the light sticks that can be cracked to release light can be used. Also solar powered lights, push button stick on lights, and lights that can be run off a generator are options.

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buy solar power lights. they stick right in the ground

Pull the turn signal stick towards you.

by pressing L3, by pressing down the analog stick.

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DON'T!! Dry the engine out first. If you try and start an engine full of water you will blow it. After it is dry, start it like you normally would.

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