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From my experience, most fo them.

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of course there are.

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Q: Are there still virgins
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Are there any baseball players who are still virgins?

Jose Reyes is married and has two daughters, so probably not.

Are all of the mindless behavior still virgins?

Yes of corse

Is Dylan and Cole Sprouse still virgins?

Dyl no Cole yes

What percentage of American Men are still virgins until death?


How many students play sports to stay in school?

about as many of them are still virgins?

Signs and symptoms of sexual behaviour?

You can not see on a person if they have had sex or if they are still virgins.

What is the source of the Ancient Pokemons power?

They are still virgins because their is only one of them.

What is the percentage of girls that come out of high school that are still virgins?

only 10 %

Are the boys from One Direction virgins?

No, none of them are still virgins. They all confirmed it in a SugarScape interview.

When was The Virgins created?

The Virgins was created in 2005.

Is mb still virgins?

Ofc they are! The Band Mindless Behavior are still virgins, and idk why anyone will ask a Q like this, I think yall are all up in there business. And yes they are, they don't want to go through a problem like that until there older, and now bye!

Why is Mary called holy virgin of virgins?

She is the only woman who gave birth while still a virgin