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yes there is

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Q: Are there volcanoes in China?
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Who many volcanoes in China?

there are 67 volcanoes i china

Does China have active volcanoes?


How many volcanoes are active in china?


Did any volcanoes erupted in china?


Why there are not any active volcanoes found in China?

volcanoes are found on plate margins (look at google images to find out more) and china isn't on a plate margin so there won't be any volcanoes there. hope this helps :)

Does China have any volcanoes?

China does have volcanoes and here are some: Changbai Mountain Tianshan Volcanic Group Honggeertu Turpan Jingbo Wudalianchi Keluo Group Kunlun Volcanoes Leizhou Bandao Longgang Group Tengchong

What was one of the volcanoes in ancient china?

Mt. Abdhjlakvjbdosfh

Where are the super-volcanoes of the world located?

The super-volcanoes are located in India, China, Japan, and Tunisia.

How many volcanoes are there in China?

There are twelve volcanoes in China. Of these, eight are considered extinct and four are dormant (some having been dormant for many hundreds of years). There are no currently active volcanoes: the last eruption was from Kunlun, in 1951.

Where do most volcanoes occur in Canada?

volcanoes occur in china. no not really cuz i dont know hahaha(lol)i am dumb

Do volcanoes most likely erupt in china?

No,it is most likely to be iceland

How does the ring of fire affect china?

china is on the ring of fire and experiences loads of volcanoes ad earthquakes because the tectonic plates are under china

What are some volcanoes that begin with the letter J?

· Jingbo (China) · Jocotitlan (Mexico)

What word starts with the letter j relating to volcanoes?

Jingbo is a volcano in China

What types of volcanoes are in china?

They spit out mythical fire breathing Chinese dragons. DO NOT EFF WITH THEM.

Where can you see volcanoes?

You can find volcanoes in Hawaii , the canary islands, under the ocean,in the united states of america,china,rome,the U.K and Pompeii. And all at a low cost.

What are the five dormant volcanoes in Asia?

Yeak Laom is a dormant volcano located in Cambodia. In China, three dormant volcanoes are Jingpo, Laohei and Huoshao, and in Japan, there is Mt. Shiretoko.

What are some words that are related to volcanoes that begin with the letter J?

Jingbo is a volcano in China. It begins with the letter J.

Are shield volcanoes and volcanoes the same?

Not necessarily. Shield volcanoes are volcanoes, but not all volcanoes are shield volcanoes.

What made japan an island?

volcanoes from over time. Maybe not. It could be that the area that connected Japan & China was flooded with water.

What are the 4 different types of volcanoes?

Cinder volcanoes, composite volcanoes, frision volcanoes, and cinder cone volcanoes.

What are three types of volcanoes?

Three types of volcanoes are Cinder Cone Volcanoes, Shield Volcanoes and Composite Volcanoes.

Do you know any active Volcanoes?

There are over 3,000 volcanoes active in the world today.Types Of Volcanoes:Composite Volcanoes.Shield Volcanoes.Cinder Volcanoes.Spatter Cones.Complex Volcanoes.Mud Volcanoes.Strato volcanoes.Cryptodomes Volcanoes.Supervolcanoes.Submarine Volcanoes.Subglacial volcanoes.Lava domes Volcanoes.Fissure vents (not really a volcano only a vent inside a volcano where the magma/lava appear's out.

What are the 3 classification of volcanoes?

The three types or classifications of volcanoes is Shield Volcanoes, Cinder Cone volcanoes, and Composite Volcanoes.

What type of vocanoes are there?

composite volcanoes shield volcanoes cinder cone volcanoes spatter cone volcanoes complex volcanoes