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if you go into the "savegames.ini" file in the folder, add these lines to the file:











this will get you every ball in the game.

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Are there any cheats in forest story?

no there are no cheats for forest story

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So far as of, August 16, 2010. No their aren't any cheats for this game.... :(

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w/ out cheats it is deep in whirl islands

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How ecologists study and discover major ecosystems such as deep ocean floors and deep forest areas?


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Where do you get Celebei?

Celebi is in Ilex Forest in the Japanese versions of the games, unless you use cheats.

Are there any cheats for the online game Forest Story?

I don't think there are any sorry.

How do you breed deep forest dragon?

Unfortunately, Deep Forest Dragon can not be bred. One may obtain it from the Black Market or Play Treasure Hunt Island. Sell value is about 5000 coins.