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Yes, although the word "words" in the question is misspelled as "works".

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Can Headaches and hypoglycemia be related?

Yes, as a Type 1 diabetic, I often get headaches when I am hypoglycemic.

Where to live if you get headaches?

If your headaches are related to sinus trouble the best place to live is AZ.

Frequent headaches can be related to .?

high blood pressure

What word in the english language is always spelled correctly?

No word is always spelled correctly. But the word "correctly" is correctly spelled as correctly. (see related question)

can I get head ache if I have high cholesteraol?

are headaches related to high cholesterol

Stress related diseases?

Insomnia, ulcers, cancers, headaches, migraine headaches, muscle tension, heart-attacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many other illnesses and diseases are directly or indirectly related to stress.

Can morphine cause headaches?

Yes, it sure can. It depends on how your body reacts, but the most common reason for getting headaches related to morphine is due to withdrawl.

Can cats get headaches and if so what causes them and how can you help get rid of them?

Cats and dogs can get headaches if it's related to a disease or high fever, but there is no indication either of these animals can get headaches like humans.

When a guys girlfriend is pregnant do they get headache often?

It is common for pregnant women to experience frequent headaches. Usually this is related to their radical hormone changes. See a qualified physician or Headache Specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

How is temperature related to changes in state of matter?

Temperature is not related to changes in state of matter. The other way around would have been a better question: "How are changes in state of matter related to temperature"

How do you answer when asked why you apply from a different job not related to your job experiences?

You shag them

Why does Sarah have headaches?

The headaches could very well be related to stress, eye strain, allergies. lack of daily water consumption, or not enough quality calories during the day.

Are phase changes chemical changes?

no, they are physical changes related solely to temperature and pressure.

What do food computer and sleep-related headaches have in common?

they all result from tension and stress.

Cost behavior refers to the manner of what?

changes as the related activity changes.

How do i Get rid of a vision related headache?

Vision related headaches arise from uncorrected vision. So, a pair of glasses will help with that, if it is truly attributable to your vision.

How are changes in matter related to change in energy?

there related because changes in energy are stored in the chemical bonds between atoms and changes in matter has mass that takes up space.

Explain how the water cycle is related to the weather patterns and climate?

its related because when the wether changes temperature water changes temperatures.

What is the study of the behavior and changes of matter and the related energy changes?

Physical Chemistry

What is the fear of seeing men cry called?

Anxiety, probably related to childhood experiences.

Can you get headaches from not eating right?

Of course; but the question is extremely broad. It is common for people who are in the habit of consuming a lot of caffeine to experience headaches with a sudden reduction in intake. There are lots of other examples, usually related to over-indulging in one thing or another. Headaches can be relatively benign, or they could very serious signs of trouble. Always check with your physician if you experience headaches out of the ordinary.

How changes in the number of sunspots is related to changes in global climate?

no one realy knows.

What is the diseases of stress?

Some illnesses and diseases directly or indirectly related or caused by stress are insomnia, ulcers, cancers, headaches, migraine headaches, muscle tension, heart-attacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many others.

Voltage changes in an ECG are related to the?


What are the pms symptoms?

Some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) include being tired, breast tenderness, headaches, muscle pain, and mood swings. PMS symptoms are related to a woman's menstrual cycle and a factor like hormonal changes may be a leading cause for them.