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No, Halo is an Xbox game only and Xbox is owned by Microsoft.


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No you can't, but you can get it on the Tablet.

Plug your iPad into your computer and open or install iTunes. Alternatively you can download music from iTunes directly to the tablet.

C:/Users/(your name)/My Documents/My Games/Halo 2/Maps

Halo Reach will be on Xbox 360 only. They have put all their Halo games on Xbox and Xbox 360 only (except Halo CE which was on PC and Xbox).

Connect your iPad to your computer, put the songs from the iPad to the computer, then plug out the iPad, and then plug in the iPod, and put the songs in.

No. The iPad isn't a CD player. You can put .MP3's onto an iPad though...

You can't put just anything on an iPad. It has to be made for the iPad. You can't just drag programs on the desktop to the iPad.

It depends what kind of tablet. I'm also pretty sure that DS games were only made for the Nintendo DS, so it wouldn't make a lot of sense if it were possible to put it in a different brand tablet... I doubt it would work.

Yes, you can put a SIM card in a Galaxy tablet. There is a slot on the right side of the tablet.

To put sound on iPad, you can use iMacsft iPad to PC Transfer, which can also import songs and movies to iPad for entertaiment. The process is very easy.

as a matter of fact it is halo reach. Halo reach is like all of the halo games put together, but even better! =) hope this helpedEdit Erix_D: The above message is a matter of opinion so there can be no real answer to the best Halo game.

Put your iPad on the router.

the ipad is just smaller then a computer.and you can put a ipad in your pocket

no, you can't, but you CAN put ipod touch/iphone apps on your ipad

Yes, you can put it in any iPad. Your contacts are not saved on the SIM, so you will have to enter any Contact information in the new iPad that was in the old one.

If your talking about the Gamertags that say a11 or something then just go to appearance and it should be there with the Halo emblem and stuff.

Put the TUMS tablet on a scale...

There are no cheat codes for Halo: Reach, nor any of the other Halo installments. However, glitches, or, bugs in the games programming, are abundant. Try Google to find Halo: Reach glitches, but remember; Nobody likes a Glitch Abuser.

You can add an app of yahoo and add it to your ipad.

2,697,435 people put the iPad on their Christmas list in 2011. I checked.

If you have been on your iPad for 6 hours and you can't sleep, it's time to put away the tablet. If you need to get up at 7 AM, consider listening to some soothing music to help you fall asleep.

there is no codes in halo 3 ... -.-

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