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You have to check with your local housing authority.

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Q: Are thser any section 8 housing in new Hampshire?
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are there any section 8 houses available in salem new hampshire?

are there any section 8 houses available in salem New hampshire?

How can i tell if a duplex is section 8?

A Section 8 voucher can be used for any unit that the housing authority will approve.

is there any section 8 housing available now in Lv Nevada?

thank you

Where do you apply for section 8 housing online for free?

You can apply for Section 8 Housing for free at any housing authority that has that capability. It should be noted that anyone who charges for this type of service is violating federal laws.

Is there any other housing help like section 8 housing for low income?

There are different variations of the section 8 program. There is the section 8 housing choice voucher program, there is multi-family section 8, there is public housing administered through the housing authority, there is 236 housing, there is 202 PAC, PRAC and 811 PAC, PRAC. Check with your local HUD office for a list of programs and who to contact to get on the different waiting lists.

Are there any section 8 housing assistance waiting list are open in Maryland now?


Do you have to file for child support in order to receive section 8 housing?

Filing for child support and receiving a housing choice voucher (section 8) have nothing to do with each other. However, some housing authorities may require for you to apply for any benefits to which you are entitled.

What office helps apply for section 8?

You may check with your community's Housing Authority, or you may visit the office of any Section 8 property.

Will section 8 let you rent to a relative?

The Section 8 Voucher housing program helps low income families to pay their rent. Section 8 will not allow a person to rent to any relative.

What if the section 8 office doesn't have any applications?

Section 8 is city-based and there may be county based subsidized housing in your area. Call around and check local apartments, they may offer subsidized housing as well as the salvation army.

Can anyone get section 8 housing?

You have to meet certain conditions to obtain a Section 8 voucher. Your local housing program office can help you with any questions. There are income limits. i.e Low income, very low income, extremely low income.

Will government fraud disqualify you from Section 8 housing assistance?

Every Housing Authority has its own rules regarding eligibility of applicants in relation to felonies, including fraud, and including government assistance fraud. Under federal guidelines you are not eligible for any type of housing assistance if you were convicted of any fraud in relation to the public housing or section 8 programs. Furthermore, if the fraud is of less than five years but it's a felony, you may also be denied, depending on the Housing Authority's guidelines.

Are there any section 8 list open or opening soon in Illinois?

it is the housing authority of Chicago is open i hope this helps u...

What are the appraisal standards for section 8 apartments?

While there aren't any specific appraisal standards, there are many quality inspections that must be met. Check out this document from the HUD offices in Phoenix which describe the requirements of section 8 housing:

How do you report someone on section 8?

Report what,? To report any kind of fraudulent activity, call the housing authority that the family is with (many jurisdictions are handled by more than one Housing Authority)

any studios in dublin for $600.00 ?

Probably not, the housing market in CA doesn't really allow for that. Keep an eye on the Craigslist housing section for your area, and maybe possibly consider getting a roomate.

Is there any rent when using a section 8 house? is the largest rental listing service for Section 8 housing program tenants, landlords and public housing agencies in the United States. We have connected hundreds of thousands of tenants and landlords nationwide, and we work with more local and government housing agencies than any other listing service provider in the country. Yes there is rent when using a section 8 housing. It a voucher system where by the renter pays a portion of the rent but usually only up to 30% of the household income.

What is the number to the waiting list in springfield mo for section 8 housing?

We are unable to provide telephone numbers. Check with the local housing authority in any jurisdiction in which you are seeking an open waiting list status.

What counties in Illinois offer section 8 housing?

Since the section 8 program is a federal program, it is available in any jurisdiction, provided they have an open waiting list to which one has to add his name.

How can a property be classified section 8 housing?

There really is no such thing as section 8 property. A landlord can accept Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly known as section 8 vouchers) for assisting their tenants. The property must meet federal housing quality standards (HQS), which is not that difficult. The first time you rent out to a section 8 tenant, and every year subsequently, your property will be inspected by someone from Housing Authority. Any deficits they find will generally a given time to correct, unless the deficit is essential enough that a tenant cannot live there until it is corrected.

Are there any tornadoes in New Hampshire?

Yes, there are. New Hampshire does get some tornadoes.

Is there any low income housing that is not section 8 in costa mesa, irvine, huntington beach ca. I am a single mother in a transitional program where my time is up in January. I am on the section 8 waiting list thank you for any hepl you can give me?

All subsidized housing is funded by the government. Subsidized housing is not offered by private entities. Check out this website for more info:

Where in Detroit can I find subsidized housing for a large family?

Any government issued section 8 housing effort communities. Most likely you would need a stable and affordable place that is decent in public appeal and safety.

Is there any regulations on window decor for section 8 housing?

Window decor rules have nothing to do with whether a property is subsidized under section 8 or any other low income program. Each landlord has the right to make his own rules regarding this.

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