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Q: Are top chef contestants paid weekly depending on how long they are on the show?
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How long do you attend culinary college to get pastry chef and chef degree?

2 to 4 years depending on the school. Usually there is an internship involved as well.

How long can you be a chef?

as long as you want

How long are the biggest loser contestants on the ranch?

16 weeks

How long are contestants given to answer questions on jeopardy?

5 seconds

How long are contestants gone for on the amazing race?

30-40 days

How long does a chef go for training?

As long as god wants you.

List Olympic games contestants?

You need to be specific as to the events as the list of contestants would be very long. At this year's Summer Olympics in London - London 2012, there were 204 countries that participated and so you need to be precise as to the events where contestants are concerned.

How long has Gordon Ramsay been a chef for?

His first job as a chef was in 1986 as a station chef at Maxim's in London. After numerous other chef jobs he opened his first restaurant in 1998.

How long does it take to get you order from pampered chef?

From a cooking show, typicalls one to two weeks depending on when the show was closed out. If you ordered it direct from the PC website, about a week.

How long do you goto school to be a chef?

you go to school for 12 years to study before you become a chef

How long does a chef goes to college?

4 year

What grades do you need to be a chef?

as long as you can cook your good!

How long has he been a chef for?

thirty seven years

Does budget van insurance offer collision insurance?

Budget van insurance does offer collision insurance. It is something that you can pay for daily or weekly depending on how long you have the van or what you what to do with the van.

What did the chef say when a horse walks into the restaurant?

Why the long face?

Where can Chef coats be purchased?

There are many uniform companies that supply uniforms, including chef coats. One such company is Chef Uniforms that supply long sleeve and short sleeve chef coats in a variety of colors.

Who are the contestants in fetch season 4?

Talia Isaac Liza(with a long i) Bethany Brian Sterling

How long did it take for Watson to answer jeopardy questions?

Watson did not take any longer than the contestants

How long should you be in culinary school to be a chef?

4 years

What would be a typical day for a chef?

very long hours

How long does it take to study to become a chef?

12 years

Is being a chef a safe job?

As long as you are careful, yes.

How many months or years of training does a chef need?

It's totally depending on your capability or intelligence. If I am talking about short -term chef training courses One year and long term chef training maximum 3 year. I think 3 year chef training courseis good for a professional chef. One year course,students learn only basic knowledge of chef , and three year chef training courses learn more new things, all the knowledge of a professional chef, cutting, chopping, how to serve, we can easily understand the responsibilities or duties of chef. Visit the link, this link is helps us and clear you're all doubts.

What is other job title that sous chef may be known as?

The term imply's the second in command for a kitchen under the excecutive chef, any assistant or management title can be substituted so long as it implys they answer to the excecutive above them sous-chef sous-chef de cuisine chef de'cuisine Under Chef Assistant excecutive chef Kitchen manager

Do the contestants get paid on the CBS tv show survivor if so how much?

It varies depending how long they last on the show. The longer they last the more they get paid. They also get paid for doing publicity, charity, tv shows, etc after the show.