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yes, all plants are

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What are producers in a forest?

Trees are the producers in a forest

Are desert trees producers?

All plants, including trees, are producers.

Are oak trees consumers producers or decomposers?

Oak trees, like most plants, are producers.

What are some producers?

some producers are trees and plants.

Five examples of producers?

these are 3 producers but: bees trees berries

Any producers in the savanna?

acacia trees baobab trees

What are the producers in the tropical rainforest?

The producers in the tropical rain forest are orchids ,seeds, banana trees, bamboo, and coconut trees .

Are all trees producers?


What producers of oxygen in an ecosystem?


Are trees consumers or producers?

it is a producer

What Producers are in coniferous forest?

Producers are moss, grass, ferns, and the coniferous trees.

What kinds of trees and plants are producers?

trees,grass,grains and flowers

What type of organisms are producers?

producers such as, oak trees, obtain energy by making their own food. producers are plants

Are oak trees producers?

Yes oak trees are producers, their source of energy is the sun and they produce their own food using the sunlight and water.

Do consumers depend on producers?

Yes. Producers are plants like trees, grass, etc.

What producers are in a desert?

Cacti, small shrubs, grasses and trees are the main producers of the desert.

What are main producers in the rain forest?

Plants are the main producers like the trees and ferns

Are trees and grass producers?

Producers are organisms that can make their own food. Consumers are organisms that eat other organisms for food. By and large, it is ONLY the plants that are producers (they make food by harvesting the energy of sunlight). As trees and grass are both plants then they are producers.

What are some Producers in a temperate deciduous forest?

oak trees and maple trees

What are the producers of the rainforest ecosystem?

Trees and plants

What are the producers in the Amazon rainforest?

strangler trees

Is a tree a decomposer?

Trees are not decomposers. They are producers.

What are three producers?

trees, berries, & grass

What are some land producers?

plants and trees

What are examples of producers?

Plants and trees

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