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Are trees renewable resources?

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Are trees nonrenewable or renewable resources?

RenewableI think

What are renewable resources in the Bahamas?


What are the renewable resources in Texas?

trees and agriculture

What are Florida's renewable resources?

some of them are trees

Why are trees renewable resources?

they grow back

Are trees considered to be renewable resources?

Yes- a renewable resource is one that can be replaced- and we are growing trees every day.

What are some Q and A about non renewable and renewable resources?

Q. What are some nonrenewable resources? A. Some nonrenewable resources are fossil fuels. Q. What are some renewable resources? A. Some renewable resources are trees, fish, oil, gold, copper and bronze.

What are some non renewable resources in Alaska?


Give five example of renewable resources?

Fresh water,trees,air,suns energy are examples of renewable resources

How can trees be both renewable and nonrenewable resources?

Trees are not renewable when Humans(so Humans are bad living things) clear cut.

How many renewable resources are there?

There are many renewable resources that can be found on Earth. These include fruits, vegetables, trees, paper, water, and fish.

What are some examples of renewable energy resources from in the Earth?

Trees are renewable. So are wind and water.

What are the renewable resources of the deciduous forest?

trees,animals,and forests

Are trees wild flowers and grass renewable resources?


Is a renewable resource used over and over again?

A renewable resource is a resource like trees that never runs out. Oil is not a renewable resources because it can not be "replanted," or renewed like trees. Nonrenewable resources will run out some day.

What are renewable resources and renewable energy?

Renewable resources are resources that can be renewed after being used. Trees for example are a renewable resource because more trees can be grown. Rapidly renewable resources are resources that can be renewed quickly for example bamboo. Renewable energy is energy that can be renewed after use. Solar energy is a great example of a renewable energy. The sun can keep giving energy because the sun is always shining. The energy is renewed. Tioga Energy specializes in the renewable solar power energy. Visit their website at the link below to learn more about renewable energy.

What are renewable recorces?

Renewable resources are natural resources that we can give back. For example, trees. After we cut them down, we can plant seeds to grow more.

Why are renewable resources preferred over non renewable resources and justify with the examples?

Because They Are Economically Better For The Enviro, Eg Trees To Glass?

Is dirt a renewable or nonrenewable resource?

Dirt is a renewable resource.Renewable resources are resources that can replace themselves if they are not overused. A forest is an example of a renewable resource. The trees in a forest will naturally replant themselves unless too many are cut down. Seeds from these trees fall to the ground, and new trees will grow. Other examples of renewable resources include fish, water, oxygen, and soil.

Is timber a renewable or non renewable resource?

non renewable resources. I disagree. Timber/trees are renewable; they replenish themselves. However, care must be take so that not more trees are used than can be replenish.

What are 5 renewable resources?

Water, sunlight, plants, trees, and animals

What are some renewable natural resources?

TreesWaterthe sun's energy

Why forests are non renewable resources?

Because trees are c rops

What types of natural resources are there?

There are so many natural resources out there. They come in two categories renewable and non renewable. Solar energy is a renewable resource. So are water, and wind. Coal, oil, and trees are considered non renewable resources, because once there gone there gone. I know your probably thinking, but trees grow back. They do but not fast enough to be considered a renewable resource.

What are some list of examples of renewable resources?

trees are renewable because you can plant them over and over, you will never run out of them.

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