Are trolls evil?


trolls would be evil if they were real but trolls only live in fairy tails, but i think they are real because i like wikianswers and it has poisoned my mind

Real Answer

it depends on the troll. if the troll has a jewll on his or her belly button then it is a nice troll. if their belly button is bear then they are mean. they can earn their jewll by doing good deeds or they can loose their jewll by doing bad deeds. once they have lost the jewll three times they can no longer earn it back.

just because the troll lies under a bridge doesnt mean that it is evil. it can be quite nice. if the troll lives in a school, doesn't mean that it is nice. infact most trolls that are evil lie in the schools so that they can pester the kids within the school. so clearly the location of the troll has nothing to do with how mean or nice it is.