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Are tv shows like Inuyasha Full Metal Academy Power Rangers morally wrong to watch?



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ANSWER: This is actually a valid question in our culture. As much as we like to believe we are religiously neutral in the US, we are still driven and influenced culturally by Puritanism, which was a very strict form of Christianity. Morally, I believe you need to talk with your parents about what they think about the shows and if they feel it is best for you not to watch them, do what they say. Now, moving from the moral to the psychological, some kids can learn bad aggressive behaviors from watching these programs, especially if you watch them too much. This is a very real concern outside of any moral judgement. Filling your head with a lot of violent images, whether it be through TV, video games, or comics, is not at all good for helping you to develop good social coping skills with your friends. Watching a little is okay, but make sure you balance your entertainment with other types of material as well, like science, fantasy, poetry, and way-cool technology. ANSWER: So in other words no.There is nothing wrong with these shows they r fiction.Thx come again ^_^!