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no,underwater volcanoes are smaller then volcanoes on land.


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There are thousands of underwater volcanoes all over the place, especially Hawaii! i think there are are land volcanoes than underwater volcanoes

Yes. There are more volcanoes underwater than on land. Volcanic islands start as underwater volcanoes.

Currently there are over five thousand active volcanoes underwater varying from ones larger than any on the surface to cones no larger than an automobile. go to:

No, because land volcanoes can shoot debris around while an underwater volcano is being held back by water pressure. It is really quite simple.

Underwater volcanoes cause no damage to the earth but they do bubble and sometimes make islands.

Volcanoes underwater erupt in much the same way as those on dry land. They erupt when pressure builds up. The difference between these two types of volcanoes is that the lava produced in an underwater volcano cools dramatically faster than the lava on land.

it has larger volcanoes than earth because there is no atmosphere.

Systems of underwater mountains are called mid ocean ridges. They are larger than land mountains and have longer chains of them.

If you are talking about underwater volcanoes, than i have a answer. So, when underwater volcanoes erupt it MIGHT be able to create a island like Hawaii. Hawaii was made because of an eruption underwater.

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Alaska, with its much larger land area and the Aleutian Islands, has many more volcanoes, especially active ones, than Hawaii. (The Hawaiian Islands themselves were formed by volcanoes on the Pacific ocean floor.)

Mountains and hills underwater can be bigger than the mountains and hills on land.

Larger land mass, smaller than a comtinent

The cinder-cone volcano, which usually forms very quickly after a single eruption, is relatively small to other types of volcanoes. So, no, cinder is not larger than a shield volcano.

there are more than 45 active on land volcanoes in Europe.

More earthquakes occur underwater than above land

Asia has a larger land than Europe.

shield volcanoes have cinders that come out then land on it. that's what makes them bigger than cinder cone volcanoes.

The planet Mars has volcanoes far larger than any found on Earth.

Ukraine is larger than Spain (in land mass).

There are more mountains in the water (including volcanoes) than on land.

No. The US is much larger than Iceland.

the area affected by an earthquake is larger

There are underwater mountains larger than Mt Everest already discovered.

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