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Are video games better than sports?



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  • If you want to be fit, well known and a star you should go with sports, but if you hate sports play video games.
  • On the other hand, you can be fit and still love video games. You can play sports and video games. Being well-known and a star does not necessarily come from playing sports and there are professional video game players now as well.
  • Video games are better than sports if you have asthma, it's easier to breathe while you play. Some video games are educational, so you can learn something while playing. They are also much less brutal sometimes... you aren't going to get as many bruises playing video games.
  • I'd say video games are better, because video games actually require you to use your brain, and do not make you stupider (despite popular belief). In fact, video games can actually make you smarter. I play video games a lot, and on my last report card, my lowest grade was B+. I also have a friend that plays video games a lot, and he got straight A's. In my opinion, video games are better. However, I do not hate sports, I watch some from time to time, and play some sports from time to time, but I'm not too much of a sports fan, and I'd say that video games are better.
  • It is entirely possible to play sports and play video games. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and create a balance. Playing video games can be fun and helps some people to de-stress, but it is equally important that you receive exercise and don't spend to many hours playing video games. otherwise you will become unhealthy.